10th October 2016

Present:  Carole Girling (Chair), Sarah Edwards (Secretary), Andrew Bateman, David Clifford, Chris Lakeman Fraser, Beth Gillan, Steve Gillan, Simon Leech, Teresa Noel, Peter Noel, Adrian Ragbourne, Eden Thomson, Tanya Trenholm.

Apologies: Ros Cole, Phil Davidson, Paul Oatway.


Minutes of the last meeting were agreed.


Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.


Foreshore Project Update

AR (LymeForward Co-ordinator) explained that the organisation exists to promote the regeneration of the coastal area.  After a feasibility study by Simon Williams (ex Planning Dept) it was expected that following consultation there would be a collaborative bid for funding by Lyme, Charmouth etc. The first stage of the project ends in November, when there will be a public meeting. CG stated that the Group had been unaware of this initiative, except in the vaguest terms, until it was posted on facebook, although AR was a member of the Group and had at a previous meeting been asked for further information. This would not help the credibility of the Group.  Also, many people in Charmouth are not on facebook and are therefore at a disadvantage.  AR said that using facebook had not been his preference. PN said that there was unlikely to be much funding, and that the assistance from LymeForward would probably cover such items as signage and improvements to the appearance of the beach area. ET pointed out that at a meeting with PO he emphasised that LymeForward is not part of the Neighbourhood Plan and that the Group should continue as it is going.

It was agreed that there should in future be a standard item “Projects affecting Charmouth” on the agenda.   


Communication with the village; review of questions

CG thanked everyone for their hard work in getting the questions drafted and circulated since the last meeting. 

Employment questions were not yet complete, as TN is working on her own on them. BG offered to help.

A section of questions on the school has been drafted, although this was not been identified as a separate subject. 

It was agreed that much of the substance of the questions is covered elsewhere and therefore a separate section on the school is not necessary at this stage.

Although an earlier meeting had decided that the questionnaire would not have a standard format throughout, this decision was changed following discussion. 

It was agreed that AB, ET and BG will standardise the format and email the revised draft to the Group before the next meeting.

CF has a map/maps to go at the end of the questionnaire.  The issue of copyright was discussed.

It was agreed that SE would find information on the interactive map on the County Council website.  (The minutes of 22.02.16 refer – the map can be found direct via http://www.planvu.co.uk/wdwp/ or indirect via https://www.dorsetforyou.com/jointlocalplan/west/weymouth. If I can I’ll scan the Guide and email it.  A copyright Notice confirms that the Ordnance Survey has copyright.)


Webpage Update

DC has looked at half a dozen sites recommended by Jo Witherden to help narrow down what is required.  The Parish Council website is also being updated and he suggested that the Group website is part of it. The questionnaire could be put on the website with assistance from Survey Monkey.

It was agreed that the Group website should be part of the Parish Council website, and that DC, SG and AB should work on building it.


Posters and leaflet

AB showed the Group the draft leaflet and poster.  It was agreed that these were very effective, subject to a few minor alterations. There was some discussion about how telephone contact from people with enquiries should be managed. There was some uncertainty about a prize draw for the “lucky questionnaire” (how to identify the winner/what prize/should it be cleared with PO) and this requires further discussion.

It was agreed DC and PN would make enquiries about telephone contact with the Group; the website given on the leaflet should be the present site until the new one is ready; and that a Steering Group facebook page would be an effective way to reach different parts of the community and provide a quick way of providing an update.



Before the questionnaire can be distributed the questions have to be formatted, a pilot survey held and the results considered, a covering letter drafted, Survey Monkey set up, and quotations sought and cleared with PO for printing it and the leaflets (700 houses, therefore probably 1000 leaflets).  All Group members will have 4 copies of the questionnaire to use for a pilot study with people who are not connected to Charmouth.

It was agreed that the meeting on 12th November be postponed; that the questions should be formatted and sent out to the Group for consideration by 7th November; that everything should be finalised by the end of November; that the questionnaire be sent out in early January, with the public meeting the weekend after that.


Any Other Business

AR stated, for information, that Magna Housing are opening up a building programme for the next 20-30 years, and there will have to be discussion about sites that are financially viable.


The Next Meeting will be on 10th November at 7.30 in St Andrews Community Hall (to be confirmed)      



AB Andrew Bateman; ABr Alan Brownjohn; DC David Clifford; RC Ros Cole; PD Phil Davidson; SE Sarah Edwards; CF Chris Fraser; BG Beth Gillan; SG Steve Gillan; CG Carole Girling; SL Simon Leech; TN Teresa Noel; PN Peter Noel; PO Paul Oatway; JP Jeff Prosser; AR Adrian Ragbourne;  ET Eden Thomson;  TT Tanya Trenholm; 

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