18th July 2016

Present:  Carole Girling (Chair), Sarah Edwards (Secretary), Andrew Bateman, Ros Cole, Chris Lakeman Fraser, Simon Leech, Adrian Ragbourne, Eden Thomson.


Apologies: Beth and Steve  Gillan, Tanya Trenholm, Teresa and Peter Noel.


The Chairman reminded members of the requirement under the Terms of Reference to declare any interest in any item on the agenda or in any topic that arises during the meeting.  


Minutes of the last meeting were agreed, with one amendment: “CG said that she, AB and RC had met to discuss the format of the questionnaire…..”.


Matters Arising

There was a general discussion about Jo Witherden’s input at the previous meeting.  It was agreed that it was very useful to hear her contribution, but that some more specific advice on getting started would have been helpful.  

The next meeting will be on

The meeting ended at









AB Andrew Bateman; ABr Alan Brownjohn; DC David Clifford; RC Ros Cole; LC Lorna Cowan; PD Phil Davidson; SE Sarah Edwards; SF Simon Farrington; CF Chris Fraser; BG Beth Gillan; SG Steve Gillan; CG Carole Girling; SL Simon Leech; TN Teresa Noel; PN Peter Noel; PO Paul Oatway; JP Jeff Prosser; AR Adrian Ragbourne;  BR Bernard Rogers; ET Eden Thomson;  TT Tanya Trenholm; TW Tim Warin


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