19th January 2017

Present:  Andy Bateman (Acting Chair), Sarah Edwards (Secretary), David Clifford, Steve Gillan, Chris Lakeman Fraser, Simon Leech, Adrian Ragbourne, Eden Thomson.


Apologies: Carole Girling, Phil Davidson, Ros Cole, Beth Gillan, Terresa Noel, Peter Noel, Tanya Trenholm.


SE gave an update on CG’s progress, and the meeting sent their good wishes.


Minutes of the last meeting were agreed.


Matters Arising

AR now has copy of the parish boundary map.

TN is working on a delivery map for the survey.

It has been agreed with Lisa Tuck that an answerphone on a mobile will be the easiest to set up as there are no landlines available in the Council office.  DC will liaise with her.

AB has obtained a new quotation from the preferred printing supplier: £435 for 1000 each of the pamphlet, the survey and envelopes.  The surveys will not be numbered and therefore it will be important to keep track of them.

AB reported that he and DC have agreed on the best – and lowest - of the three quotations obtained for the website which came from a local company.  Their software team has been operating over the past two years and specifically works with their own content management software, which is closed source.  This provides an advantage over WordPress software in that it is “closed source” and therefore is more secure.  The cost is about £850, which includes a year’s support plus any additional work required so that it works with Council software.  A secure system will have to be agreed for inputting and amending information; authorised access will be given to a few people on the committee. Training will be provided.  The service charge of £24 per month will cover telephone contact on weekdays and email contact at weekends.   

The request for funding for the website and the printing will go before the last of three committees next week, when it is hoped they will be agreed.


Questionnaire Review

The feedback from the pilot study was discussed. It was agreed that AB and ET would incorporate the amendments into what, it was decided, should be called a Survey, rather than a Questionnaire.


Programme of Events

It was agreed that once the Survey has been issued, all members of the Group need to keep encouraging people to complete it; eg being outside Morgans/the Library to encourage people and offer help where needed.  

Following discussion, and taking account of factors such as printing timescale, half term etc a timetable was agreed:



Saturday 25th February – Open Forum  in the Community Hall from 10am to 2pm.

27th February – start delivering the Survey.

11th March – drop in session at the Community Hall, 10am – 2pm, for anyone who has questions about the Survey or needs help to complete it.

31st March – final day for return of completed Survey forms.

AB will put up posters as soon as possible for these events in early February.


It was agreed that a fossil to a value of about £50 would be a very appropriate Draw prize.  It was hoped that the Parish Council would agree to fund this from the NP budget, but if that was not the case, the Group would itself cover the cost.  SE to check with Lisa Tuck whether a sponsor is needed for the Draw.


Any Other Business

AR said that Lyme Forward needs public consultation in relation to the proposed seafront enhancement project, and that it would make sense to make the 25th a shared event, as most local people are likely to be interested in both issues and this could result in a better turnout.  Some concern was expressed that it might look as though the NP Group and Lyme Forward are working together, but it was agreed that signage and the use of different rooms would make it clear that that is not the case and therefore the 25th should be a shared event.


Date of next meeting

The date of the next meeting is 6th February 2017 in the Community Hall.  It was agreed that Simon Williams should be invited to attend.


There being no further business, the meeting ended at 9.25pm.












AB Andrew Bateman; ABr Alan Brownjohn; DC David Clifford; RC Ros Cole; LC Lorna Cowan; PD Phil Davidson; SE Sarah Edwards; SF Simon Farrington; CF Chris Fraser; BG Beth Gillan; SG Steve Gillan; CG Carole Girling; SL Simon Leech; TN Teresa Noel; PN Peter Noel; PO Paul Oatway; JP Jeff Prosser; AR Adrian Ragbourne;  ET Eden Thomson;  TT Tanya Trenholm; 

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