April 2015



PRESENT: Jane Bremner (Chair), David Clifford, Jane Morrow, Peter Noel, Paul Oatway, Andy Peters, Richard Salisbury, Chris Shirley-Smith, Ian Simpson

No members of the public present.


Apologies were received from Martin Sayers (previous engagement), Phil Tritton (holiday).


The Chair reminded the Council of the need for individuals to declare an interest on either of the two types of interest as set out below.

  1. In items on the agenda – Andy Peters and Ian Simpson declared an interest in the Beach Hut Residents’ draw; Paul Oatway and David Clifford declared an interest in 1(c) of the Planning Committee minutes.

  2. On gifts greater than £25 in value – there were no declarations in gifts greater than £25.


    No members of the public were present.


Daryl Turner was not in attendance due to being in a period of purdah.


Jane Bremner had nothing to report.


It was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by Peter Noel and

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Meeting held on 17 March 2015 be approved as a true record, with no corrections, and these were signed by the Chair.


1. Jane Bremner reported that following the sending of identified land for possible affordable housing to Catherine Bonnet of WDDC, further information is awaited on the contact details of the Wessex Community Land Trust to enable a meeting to be arranged.

46/15 FORESHORE COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 7 April 2015)

1. In Phil Tritton’s absence, Paul Oatway reported that he had hoped to mention the ongoing frustrations with WDDC regarding both the Foreshore Toilets and the Car Park Machine to Daryl Turner but as he was not present the moment had passed.



2. Following the decision of Chris Shirley-Smith not to stand for re-election in May, the position of Flood Warden would be fulfilled by the Deputies (Sean Gillings and Paul Oatway) until a new Flood Warden can be elected at the AGM in May. For the record, Paul Oatway stated that he would not be undertaking the role. Chris Shirley-Smith stated that he would be happy to come back to this role in the Autumn but would be away for the summer.

3. Following review of the Fossil Walks Code of Practice, it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Peter Noel and

RESOLVED that no changes be made to the Fossil Walks Code of Practice.

4. Discussion had taken place about the management system in place for weekends and a rota is required of duty Councillors for the weekend Beach Attendant to contact in an emergency. Several Councillors who live within the Parish volunteered to be included and Paul Oatway is to draw up a rota. In addition, there is a “Lone Worker” issue for which a procedure is required and could be linked in with the Heritage Centre.

5. With regard the Bathing Water Scheme, it wasn’t felt there was enough information to consider any proposal and this was referred back to the next Foreshore Committee.

47/15 PLAYING FIELD AND CEMETERY COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 7 April 2015)

1. Andy Peters reported that the Committee had decided to leave the ordering of exercise equipment for the new Committee to decide what and how much equipment to purchase.

2. With regard to more dog bins, proposed positions are being checked.

3. Andy thanked Jane Morrow publicly for all her help on the Playing Field Committee and wished her good luck for the future.

4. It had been noticed that regular brushing and litter picking is once again being undertaken by WDDC in The Street.

48/15 PLANNING COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 14 April 2015)

1. The following applications have been received and commented on:

  1. Application No. WD/D/15000016

    Knapp House, The Street

    Proposed dwelling (amended plan) – It was noted that this application had been subsequently withdrawn.

  2. Application No. WD/D/15/000155

    11 Nutcombe Terrace, Axminster Road

    Proposed disabled parking bay to be created to the front of the existing property, with new opening created in existing stonewall - No objection.

  3. Application No. WD/D/14/003234

    White Haven, 7 Gardenside

    Proposed extension, conservatory and loft conversion with dormers - David Clifford and Paul Oatway declared a pecuniary interest. No Objection.

  4. Application No. WD/D/15/000410

    Clubhouse, Manor Farm Holiday Centre, The Street

    Erect photovoltaic panels (retrospectively) - No objection 2/8


  1. Application No. WD/D/15/000600

    1 Westcliff Road

    Erect replacement dwelling - PC's original objection was in regards to the size of the property. Subsequent applications for larger properties are now being received. Concerns of a precedent being set for ever larger properties in an area of potentially unstable land. No objection to the amended plans however.

  2. Application No. WD/D/15/000675

    Thalassa, Old Lyme Road

    Alterations, rear two-storey extension and new garage - No objection.

    2. Application No. WD/D/15/000679

    Uplands, Five Acres

    Conversion of garage to ancillary accommodation - IS, DC & PN declared an interest at the Planning Committee and this application was subsequently referred to and discussed at the Full Council meeting when Andy Peters also declared an interest. None of the interests were pecuniary and it was agreed unanimously that there was no reason to object to this application which referred to the addition of a chimney for a wood burning stove.

    3. Ian Simpson reported that the Village Hall had been provisionally booked for Saturday 30 May to undertake the Neighbourhood Plan Consultation. It was agreed that this venue would create more community engagement than if it were held at The Elms and the £50 fee would be taken from the existing Earmarked Reserve of £708.44. The format would be similar to the Parish Plan consultation and Fred Horsington (Cerne Abbas) and Jo Witherden (previously WDDC, now private consultant) would be invited to attend.

    4. Jane Morrow asked about the identification of land for affordable housing and Ian Simpson confirmed that this was the first step and each plot would have to be analysed fully.

    5. Jane Morrow commented that she was pleased that the Knapp House application had been withdrawn and the Garden Cottage application had been refused.

    6. Chris Shirley-Smith was concerned that the Council should have a policy for dealing with applications for photovoltaic panels. Ian Simpson stated that the application at Manor Farm was in fact retrospective and no adverse comments had been received since they had been installed. Ian felt that each application should be considered case by case and was aware of a case at Rampisham of 8000 panels that, although agreed by the Planning Committee and supported by the locals, had been referred to the Secretary of State due to objection by Dorset AONB. This would probably become a test case. It was also noted that the Parish of Charmouth does not really have any open spaces which could be used for this type of development.

    49/15 FINANCE COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 14 April 2015)

  1. The following payments had been agreed by the Finance Committee and were noted along with the additions since then:

HMRC (PAYE) 2601.40

P J Sayers (Senior) 78.00

Allfix Ltd 443.81

Bridport Building Supplies 532.95

Fowler Hire and Sales Ltd 359.86

Fitzpatrick Woolmer 1881.48

Chesters Commercial 360.00 3/8


A J Supplies 247.50

W F Senate 19.44

JRB Enterprises 351.60

Garry Pitcher Locksmith 8.00

Lyreco UK Ltd 96.26

Axminster Printing Co Ltd 85.00

Evans Plant Hire 112.80

View from Series 156.00

Morgans 18.99

Orona Ltd 505.27

Creeds Design and Print 305.00

K C Joinery 1764.00

Hansford Construction 1620.00

Beaminster Sheds 10446.00


  1. Following circulation of the report of accounts and Clerk’s report, it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the report of accounts (set out below) and the Clerk’s report for April be accepted and approved.

£ £ £

Current Ac Deposit Ac

Cash Book Balance at 28 February 2015 31579.06 110405.25


Foreshore – Rents/Beach huts/car park 5494.85

Other – Elms rent/conference room 2777.28

Cemetery Fees 375.00

Interest 27.10




Petty Cash 171.43

Accounts paid in March (inc PAYE) 6791.98

WDDC Advertisement Application 192.50

Direct debits and wages 8532.76


Cash Book Balance at 31 March 2015 24537.52 110432.35

Represented by:

Bank Santander 24537.52

Working 20002.46

Contingency 421.04

Earmarked Reserve 90008.85 ________

Business Deposit Account 110432.35

Nat West Account 1000.00

Nat West Savers Account 2405.01

  1. Following circulation of the monthly income/expenditure spreadsheets for March 2015, it was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by Jane Bremner and

RESOLVED that the March 2015 accounts be accepted and approved.



4. Following circulation of the end of year report and amended Earmarked Reserves, it was proposed by Jane Bremner, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the end of year finance report by accepted and the allocation of unspent budgets approved.

5. Following circulation of a report from the Works Manager regarding the Elms damp problems, it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Ian Simpson and

RESOLVED that the estimated amount of £1760 plus VAT for the Council workforce to investigate these issues and rectify as set out in the Finance Minutes provided that when re-inspected by the Surveyor, no further issues are identified. The amount would be taken from the carried forward 14/15 Elms Ongoing Mtce budget of £2569.

6. Following circulation of a report to rebuild the bin compound at the Foreshore in the original position, it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Paul Oatway and

RESOLVED that the expenditure of £1100 be approved to be taken from FSH2 Earmarked Reserve.

7. Following approval from WDDC for tree surgery at the Elms/Library to prevent overhanging of the footpath, and receipt of a quote to undertake this work, it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the whole amount of £400 plus VAT quoted by Forest & Tree Care Ltd of Bridport be met by the Council from the 14/15 carried forward Elms Ongoing Mtce budget. The Library should be informed that the £100 to undertake surgery to their trees (included in the total) would be paid by the Council by way of a donation.

8. Following a quote from Tim Heap to update the website to allow for the uploading of Committee agendas and minutes, the Finance Committee proposed that the amount of up to £400 be approved. However, Paul Oatway asked if the spec allowed for the upload of PDF documents and Ian Simpson confirmed that Tim had stated that this is difficult and it is easier to upload in the current HTML format. Paul Oatway expressed his concern that this is not what was originally discussed which was to include PDF upload as this makes the process so much easier. The Clerk confirmed that the current uploading process is complicated and time consuming but re-iterated that the office did not have a particular view as not enough was known about the processes.

9. Following quotes to supply individual tool boxes for staff, together with cordless power tools which appropriate, it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that up to £1000 be allowed from the end of year surplus to purchase the tools from the supplier with the lowest quote. In addition to a letter being sent to staff regarding the care of the tools, each set should be colour coded to each employee.

10. Following the proposal from the Finance Committee regarding the allocation of the end of year surplus, it was proposed by Jane Bremner, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the end of year surplus be allocated as set out below:

Website revamp 400.00

Tools 1000.00

Ongoing Legal Fees (Elms advice etc) 2000.00

Elms Flat conversion (Transfer to GEN6 E/R) 3000.00

Balance to help replenish FSH1 E/R 5439.98

11839.98 5/8


It was agreed that the donation of £50 approved by the Finance Committee would be taken from the Chairman’s Fund 2015/16.

Chris Shirley-Smith asked about provision if there is another storm. Peter Noel confirmed that reserves would be used again and hopefully any insurance pay out would be quicker next time as the whole string of events was unlucky.

11. Jane Bremner reported that a letter had been received from St Andrews Church confirming that they do hope to undertake the clock refurbishment within the next three years and therefore asked that the Council hold the £2000 for that length of time.


Paul Oatway reported that he had completed the review and e-mailed the information to the sub-committee this evening. It includes a gap analysis amounting to 75 pages and those clauses which don’t compute within the existing structure. Further work needs to be done to prepare a new set of Standing Orders for the new Council to take forward.


Following circulation of a second draft by Phil Tritton yesterday, Jane Bremner asked David Clifford to deal with this item in Phil’s absence. David Clifford stated that although the document is well intentioned, further work is required to make it more meaningful and concise. David would sit down with Phil to come up with a final draft.

52/15 NHS FILM

Following the article in Shoreline and the query at the Annual Parish Meeting, Jane Bremner had agreed to include this for discussion tonight. Jane stated that her view is that this has had good coverage in the village through Shoreline and the Council has not received any other comments of people wanting the Parish Council to arrange a showing. She also felt that it is a view point that is not factual and it would be inappropriate for the Council to show it as it has a political leaning. Paul Oatway wholeheartedly agreed with Jane’s comments and pointed out that it is not within the powers of the Parish Council to deal with Healthcare.


No reports verbal or written were received.


  1. An invitation was received from the Bopper Bus which was sent to all Councillors regarding a celebration of 10 years of the service. Jane Bremner reported that she had attended earlier this evening.

  2. Notice has been received from WDDC declaring 8 valid nominations for the 11 seats on Charmouth Parish Council. Therefore the Parish Council Election is uncontested. Information has been sought regarding exact timing for co-option and it was agreed that these vacancies should now be advertised for co-option at the AGM in May. Ian Simpson would ensure that this is advertised via social media and it was agreed that a broader selection of the community should try to be reached.

  3. Information has been received from Daryl Turner regarding new rapid electric charging points to be installed in Bridport and Lyme Regis by the end of May. 6/8


  1. Information has been received that Kier has applied for 2-way lights to complete SWW Utility works on the A35 (Charmouth Road) Outside Chancellors, Raymonds Hill. These works, subject to approval from Highways Agency, and if approved will take place from the 27/04/15 TO 01/05/15.

  2. Details have been received via DAPTC Western Area about the West Dorset Coastal Streams Catchment Initiative. This was passed to CS-S and PO as Flood Warden/Deputy. Paul Oatway reported that this does not affect Charmouth.

  3. Details have been received about a Jurassic Cruise which was forwarded to all Councillors.

  4. Details have been received from DAPTC regarding a New Guide for Parish Councils on Affordable Housing – this was passed to all Councillors on 23 March.

  5. Information has been received via DAPTC from Dorset Police about a review into Neighbourhood Policing – this is available to read.

  6. Charmouth Traders minutes have been received and are available to read.

  7. Agenda and Minutes of WATAG meeting have been received and forwarded to PO.

  8. DCA E-Bulletin for March 2015 together with details of a funding Fayre on 18 May in Dorchester have been received and forwarded to Martin Sayers as BLAP rep.

  9. DCF Enews for April 2015 has been received and forwarded to the Foreshore Committee.

  10. Defra Access Newsletter 68 has been received and is available to read.

  11. Local Council Review magazine for Spring 2015 has been received and is available to read.

  12. CPRE Fieldwork and Countryside Voice magazines for Spring 2015 have been received and are available to read.


1. Richard Salisbury reported that he had attended the leaving presentation for Meirel yesterday and she was very appreciative of everyone’s generosity.

2. Jane Morrow commented on how nice the new finger posts are looking. She also stated that she had enjoyed 8 great years on the Council and wished it well going forward with a good team. Paul Oatway thanked Jane for her contribution over the 8 years and she received a round of applause from fellow Councillors.

3. David Clifford raised the issue of Karen at the Royal Oak wanting to do a race for Lifeboat Week. It was confirmed that an official road closure would be required for The Street which needed 6 weeks’ notice. It was agreed for the Royal Oak to liaise with the Fayre Committee.

4. Ian Simpson stated that he had been contacted by Jan Gale about the lack of lifeguards on Charmouth Beach. The Clerk had provided the background to this issue which Ian had passed on to Mrs Gale but according to the RNLI Charmouth receives a lot of call outs. Paul Oatway stated that this should be dealt with by the Foreshore Committee and would be added to the June agenda.

5. Peter Noel stated that he had contacted Mallory Hayter with regard to his concerns about the Fayre Committee and he is coming back to Peter with a time for a chat.

6. It was reported that maintenance is required to the bus shelters which have big chunks of paint missing and rust appearing. This would be added to the work schedule.

It was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by Peter Noel and

RESOLVED that the Council go “in Committee”.





The meeting closed at 9.25 pm.


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