Comments on Draft Policies & Projects made at the Open Forum on 5th January 2019

Charmouth Neighbourhood Plan

Comments on Draft Policies & Projects made at the Open Forum on 5th January 2019 

Housing: H1 Location and Type


1) No's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - agreed

Questioned: what is appropriate?

2) Yes housing for locals very important.

3) There are some families that require 4 bedrooms (affordable)

Housing: H2 Affordable Housing


1) No's 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5 - agreed

2) No. 4 - affordable should only be for Charmouth connections.

3) Agreed with comment above in 2)

4) Fewer non affordable houses please. You are pushing out the locals should be 50/50 split affordable/non affordable.

Housing:H3 Restrictions on New Housing


1) Very supportive

2) Yes agree

3) Please stop second home ownership taking up housing stock

4) Please stop 'buy to let' as they end up too expensive for locals and are empty in the winter

5) St Ives and the Lake District have managed this successfully - yes please!

6) No.1 - very important, No's 2 & 3 agreed.

Housing: H4 Re-development for Housing 


1) No.1 - Very important. Not happening currently e.g. large eye sores Old Lyme Road and West Cliff Road.  No.s 2, 3 &4 - agreed.

2) Agreed with above comments.

Housing: H5 Designed to Reflect Nearby Scale and Density


 1) Yes. No3 - storey town houses that stick out - but if placed sympathetically could allow for higher density of living accommodation on some plot of land. Sympathetic design. Basements should be considered to increase floor space.

2) Yes to comment above.

3) Re. Cove Cottage. If these policies had been in place Cove Cottage plans would probably be rejected. SO AGREE.

4) Not happening currently. No's 1, 2 3, 4, & 5 agreed. No's 6 very important. Currently parking does impact upon verges etc.

5) Agree all.

Housing: H6 Designed to be Sympathetic to Local Features


1) No's 1,3 & 4 - yes agreed. No's 2 & 7 - very important agree. No 5 agree.

2) No's 1 & 2 agree. No's 3 doesn't need to be innovative - which often looks out of place. No's 4,5 & 6 agreed, No.6 important. No.7 personal choice!!!

3) This has to extend to the caravan sites as well. The ???? at Seadown ?? impact the river when there is flooding.(unable to read)

4) Just please don't let Charmouth turn into an never ending Poundbury!

5) Yes to above comment 4).

Natural Environment: NE1 Landscape


1) Agreed x 7

2) Yes - definitely these are our key features

Natural Environment: NE2 Views and Vistas


1) No's 1, 2 & 3 agreed x 5

2) Agreed with all but can we identify Vistas in No.2

Natural Environment: NE3 Biodiversity and Wildlife


All agreed x5

Natural Environment: NE4 Natural Habitats, Wildlife Corridors, Green Spaces


All agreed and supported x5

Natural Environment: NE5 Footpaths


1) Agreed x 3.

2) Maintain paths

3) Important -agreed

Natural Environment: NE6 Sustainability and Climate Change


1) No's 1, 2 & 3 - Agreed with all x 7

2) Grey water system, solar panels, triple glazing, ground source heat pumps should ALL be in building plans.

3) Build in the measures at the beginning and other incentives/encourage retro-fitting of these in existing housing.

Business, Employment and Tourism: BET1 Facilitating home working


1) Agree with all x2

2) Good ideas

3) Wi-Fi HAS to be improved before home working is actually realistic option. SKYPE for business etc can't cope with poor connection.

4) Small office extensions to garden rooms definitely need to be considered to encourage home working/less commuting. 

Business, Employment and Tourism: BET2 Business Space


1) Agreed x 3

2) Same as BET3 comments (below)

Business, Employment and Tourism: BET3 Rural Building and Land in Commercial Use Outside the Village


1) Agreed x 3

2) Definitely support diversification of employment opportunities! I have to commute 60 miles a day.

3) Would need to be controlled to make sure this doesn't become over developed in the future. A35 is already horrific and the lanes can't cope.

Getting Around: T1-T4


1) Agree with all.

2) Agree with all but often parking on pavements and double yellow lines. Dog poo on pavements difficult to walk on . Dim lights.

3) Lights at night do not make me feel safe, end of the Street where it joins with Bridge Road.

4) I'm a less light polution, buy a torch fan.

5) 'Play road' 5 mph speed limits in Wesley and Bridge road.

6) Please also consider overgrown hedges and trees on Lower Sea lane where 1/2 the pavements unusable.

7) Parking across pavements, blocking access for emergency service vehicles HAS  to be resolved. Sign post the carparks more!?

8) Parking opposite or on junctions Lower Sea Lane, Bridge Road etc make for too many hazards.

9) Street lighting isn't good enough to dodge the dog poo ! or find the lock on my door.

Village Improvement Projects


1) Support all.

2) No's 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 agreed.

3) No. 2 beach doesn't need improving it's a beach!!!

4) No.6 Transport project necessary.

5) Maybe speed bumps/humps would slow traffic down.

6) Kids and yong families need to be encouraged and kept busy. Skate park? Is the bopper bus still going?

7) We are trying to start up a Youth Club need someone to run it!!

8) Suggest Charmouth allotment project/community orchard to expand allotment opportunties for locals. No current allotment available in Charmouth. 

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