December 2015



PRESENT: Graham Bender, David Clifford, Deborah Gildersleeves, Peter Noel, Andy Peters, Richard Salisbury, Martin Sayers, Chris Shirley-Smith

County/District Councillor Daryl Turner

District Councillor George Symonds


Apologies were received from Jim Greenhalgh (holiday), Paul Oatway (holiday) and Tim Holmes (personal). The Chair reported that Cllr Holmes is to take a break from Council for up to 6 months, due to personal issues.


The Chairman reminded the Council of the need for individuals to declare an interest on either of the two types of interest as set out below.

(a) In items on the agenda – there were no declarations in items on the agenda.

(b) On gifts greater than £50 in value – there were no declarations.


No members of the public were present.


Daryl Turner updated the Council on issues relating to the County Council:

· On-going discussions about a unitary authority which if this happens will mean the loss of District level and more responsibility on Towns and Parishes including aspects of both adult and children social care.


Daryl Turner also updated the Council on current issues from the District Council:

  • Service reviews – ongoing update;

· Martin Sayers asked about the recent correspondence about Dorset Home Choice which appeared to indicate that people are needed for the waiting list. Both District Councillors confirmed that this is not the case and in order to help with the Neighbourhood Plan, Daryl Turner undertook to try and find out the need in terms of unit size of people on the list for Charmouth.

· Peter Noel had been surprised to hear at the recent Lyme Forward meeting that the new Local Plan is already to be changed with regard to land boundaries in Dorchester and Sherborne. Daryl Turner wondered whether the changes relate to the inspectors recommendations on approval of the plan.


No corrections were received and it was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by Richard Salisbury and

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Meeting held on 17 November 2015 be approved as a true record and signed by the Chair.




1. Re: 182/15 6. Resilience Plan – Peter Noel reported that nothing has been forthcoming on this and therefore he assumes no start has been made. Deborah Gildersleeves and Jim Greenhalgh have shown an interest and they are now asked to move forward with this. The Emergency Plan for Lyme Regis has been forwarded and Tim Holmes is to send details of the seminar he recently attended.

197/15 FORESHORE COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 1 December 2015)

In the absence of Paul Oatway, Andy Peters took the proposals:

1. It was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED (7 in favour, 1 abstention) that the beach access steps, over the deflection steps, be closed off for the winter until repairs can be arranged in the Spring.

Chris Shirley-Smith expressed his concern at the barrier to be installed along the top of the deflection steps as there appears to be unrest about this in the village. It was emphasised by Richard Salisbury and Andy Peters that these steps are sea defences and not intended for beach access. They have become more and more unsafe over the years with erosion from the sea. This whole issue had been reported through Full Council last year with the ultimate decision being made by WDDC who are responsible for sea defences.

2. Following a request from the RNLI including a risk assessment and insurance details, it was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED unanimously that the RNLI be given permission to hold the Christmas Day swim on Charmouth Beach again this year.

198/15 PLAYING FIELD AND CEMETERY COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 1 December 2015)

1. A revised copy of the Child Protection Policy is still being worked on and will be brought back to next month’s meeting.

2. Following a request from Chris Shirley-Smith to seek a 20mph speed limit on Axminster Road and the Street, this had been discussed by the Playing Field Committee and agreed to take forward to Full Council for a proposal. There was further discussion when Daryl Turner confirmed that any request would have to come from the Parish Council as a whole and as this would be self enforcing, additional “build outs” would be required as part of a scheme which the Parish Council would be expected to fund. Martin Sayers reminded the Council that the removal of the double yellow lines and the creation of on-street parking several years ago was to try and create traffic calming. Chris Shirley-Smith stated that Axminster had managed to implement a 20mph zone and it was pointed out that this is within Devon, rather than Dorset and also it was a few years ago when funds weren’t as tight. It was therefore proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by Peter Noel and

RESOLVED that a small sub-committee be set up to investigate further the idea of seeking a 20mph zone for Axminster Road and The Street.

3. Graham Bender asked about whether some of the double yellow lines/zig zags in The Street could be repainted and it was confirmed that during the recent Highways Walkabout between Daryl Turner, Andy Peters and Tim Holmes this was discussed.



199/15 PLANNING COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 8 December 2015)

The minutes of the meeting had been circulated.

The following applications had been received and commented on:

1. Application No. WD/D/15/002492

Bracoden, Lower Sea Lane

Demolition of existing asbestos garage, replacing it with new garage (retrospective)

The Committee has no objection to the proposal. This is because the garage is, fundamentally a one-for-one replacement although in a slightly different location.

2. Application No. WD/D/15/002566

The Hideaway, The Anchorage

Alterations to form a bedroom and bathroom from existing garage and alterations to the exterior and the roof

The Committee has no objection to the proposal. This is because the alterations to the house are modest and do not materially change to external visible aspect of the house.

3. Application No. WD/D/15/001954 – Knapp House

Further comments added to Planning Portal

The Committee reviewed the further comments recorded within the Planning Portal. The Committee noted that the latest observations made by the Parish Council about traffic in The Street had not been responded to by the Highways Authority. The Committee requests that the Parish Clerk contacts the planning officer to ensure that the Parish’s comments are passed to the Highways Authority for comment before WDDC formally consider the application.

4. David Clifford reported that a very productive meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group had been held on 7 December when a Chair (Ms Carole Girling) and a Secretary (Mrs Sarah Edwards) had been appointed. It was now proposed by David Clifford, seconded by Peter Noel and

RESOLVED that the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Chair, currently Carole Girling, be co-opted as a member of the Planning Committee.

200/15 WORKS COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 24 November 2015)

The minutes of the Works Committee were noted.

David Clifford highlighted:

1. The fact that the Mallory Hayter Room refurbishment was now complete.

2. Mike Perham had resigned as Beach Attendant and that Jason Major has been taken on as cover until 5 February.

3. The War Memorial paving, although grant funding has been obtained, will not be undertaken until the Spring.

4. Christmas Holiday cover is required by Councillors for 25-29 December and 1-3 January.

5. An up to date list of work had been circulated with the minutes.



201/15 FINANCE COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 9 November 2015)

1. Following circulation of the payments for approval for December approved by the Finance Committee, additions had been made and it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the payments for December be noted together with the additions which were approved for payment.



Fowler Hire and Sales Ltd


A J Supplies


Bridport Building Supplies


Axminster Ironwork


TLC Southern


Poles and Tracks


Festive Lights




Mark Wickenden


Hayes Garden World


Evans Plant Hire


Wessex Water


Lyreco UK Ltd




Weller Scaffolding


Gerry Bearpark


Doodle Computers





2. Following circulation of the report of Accounts for November and the Clerk’s Report it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the Report of Accounts for November and the Clerk’s Report for November be accepted and approved.

Cash Book Balance at 31 October 2015




Foreshore - Rents/Beach huts/car park/boats


Elms Rent


War Mem Paving Donation (Cllr Daryl Turner)






Accounts paid in Nov (inc PAYE)


Mem Bench


Xmas lights


Curtain tracks (MH Room)


Light fittings (MH Room)


Sec 137 donations (local groups)



Direct Debits:

Santander charges


BT - Main Office Phone


BT - Fsh Office


BT - Fsh Emergency Phone


BT - Autodialler


Wessex Water Authority (Foreshore)


WDDC - Foreshore/Cemetery Rates


WDDC - Elms Rates


DCC - Foreshore Bins


British Gas - Elms


EDF Energy - Foreshore


EDF Energy - Elms


EDF Energy - Playing Field Pavilion


EDF Energy - Depot


EDF Energy - Cemetery Chapel


Public Works Loan Board


Wages - Net



Cash Book Balance at 30 November 2015



Represented by:

Bank Santander






Earmarked Reserve


Business Deposit Account


Nat West Account


Nat West Savers Account


Chris Shirley-Smith commented on the amount of paper used to print the papers for the meeting, particularly the spreadsheets and stated that he would like to see this reduced. Peter Noel explained that certain paper trails are required by the auditors and if Chris would call and see him some time, he would explain the position. 5/9


The Clerk stated that papers could be sent be e-mail but this would rely on Councillors printing them themselves which she suspected would not always happen! Andy Peters confirmed that he was very happy with the current situation.

3. Following circulation of the monthly spreadsheets for November 2015, it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that the November 2015 spreadsheet accounts be accepted and approved.

4. Foreshore charges for 2016/17 had been discussed by the Committees with particular emphasis on beach hut charges to try and encourage lettings. It was therefore proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that the Forehore Charges for 2016/17 be agreed as set out below.

CAR PARK: £1 per hour/£4.00 per day


Summer Season Large 515.00

Small 412.00

Resident’s Draw 257.00

Winter Season Large 108.00

Small 72.00

Per week May-June 36.00

July-August 100.00

Sept 36.00

Per day May-June 8.00

July-August 16.00

After 2pm 12.50

Sept 6.00


Local Full Year 50.00

Non-Resident Full Year 121.00

Day 6.00

Week 21.00


5. Following discussion at both the HR and Finance Committees it was proposed by David Clifford, seconded by Peter Noel and

RESOLVED that the Office Assistant position be advertised in January with the associated additional costs of up to £825 in the current financial year.



6. It was proposed by David Clifford, seconded by Deborah Gildersleeves and

RESOLVED that both the Office Assistant and the Works Maintenance Assistant positions be advertised for two consecutive weeks in the View From Lyme Regis Newspaper at a cost of £400. The additional expenditure on top of the remainder of the existing advertisements budget would be taken from the contingency within the salaries budget.

7. A letter had been received from the Senior Warden at CHCC regarding the disabled ramp repairs which are required. In order to apply for a grant, community support needs to be shown and therefore they are requesting a small donation of £100 towards the materials required – the labour will be undertaken by volunteers. Richard Salisbury declared an interest as a Trustee of CHCC and confirmed that the Centre had been informed that the ramp is their responsibility not that of the Councils but the Council should be informed of the repairs. However, with a small amount remaining in the non-youth Charity Fund it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that an amount of £100 be donated to CHCC to help with the repairs to the disabled access ramp

202/15 SPECIAL BUDGET MEETING (Held on 24 November 2015)

The minutes of the meeting together with all attachments had been circulated to all Councillors by e-mail on 3 December to ensure that any queries could be answered prior to this meeting. Following a couple of queries from Graham Bender which, it was pointed out, had been resolved at the Finance Committee, the following proposals were made:

1. Following circulation of the amended budgets for 2016/17 (with a separate sheet showing the amendments made), it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the budgets for 2016/17 be approved as set out.

2. Following approval of the budgets, it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that a precept of £55000 (plus the Local Council Support Grant) be requested from WDDC for the year 2016/17.

203/15 HR COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 7 December 2015)

David Clifford spoke briefly about the minutes and there were no proposals to make as these had been dealt with through the Finance Committee.


1. Minutes of the Community Hall Management Committee held on 29 October 2015 had been circulated in Jim Greenhalgh’s absence.

2. Report of the DAPTC Western Area Committee held on 26 November 2015 had been attended by Peter Noel and a report circulated with the agenda.

3. Tim Holmes had attended the Resilience Seminar held on 27 November and would forward any paperwork which could help in drawing up an emergency plan for Charmouth.

4. Peter Noel had attended the Lyme Forward Steering Group held on 10 December 2015 and a report was circulated at the meeting. Peter highlighted the withdrawal of significant funding by WDDC from CHCC. Peter also reported that the idea by Jim Rose to create a rock armoured prom out in the

bay to protect the foreshore facilities was still in the frame to be put forward as a project for grant funding.




1. Details of Dorset Home Choice (the housing register for West Dorset and the way in which applications are made for available houses) has been received and circulated to all Councillors to raise awareness in the community.

2. A copy of a press release has been received from Dorset Coast Forum regarding the projects receiving significant funding from the Coastal Revival Fund. This includes the Coast Watch revival of the lookout at Charmouth.

3. The Agenda for the WATAG meeting to be held on 26 November was received and forwarded to Paul Oatway, together with the subsequent minutes.

4. Details of a new Jurassic Coast Website which is coming soon have been received.

5. Details of a survey “Stepping into Nature” by Dorset AONB has been received from BLAP and forwarded to Martin Sayers.

6. Details from the Police and Crime Commissioner about the Safer Dorset Fund Community Grant Round 6 were received via DAPTC and were forwarded to all Councillors.

7. The new Bridport and West Bay Coastal Community Team, where BLAP is represented, wants to hear about issues for an Economic Plan for the area and details of a workshop at Bridport Town Hall on Thursday 3 December starting at 5.30 pm until about 6.30pm were received and forwarded to Martin Sayers.

8. Details of the permanent TRO on the River Char Footpath were received via Daryl Turner and circulated to all Councillors.

9. Details of a pop up Climate Change event to be held on 4 December were received from BLAP and forwarded to Martin Sayers.

10. Details of a free workshop for Carers was received and forwarded to Charmouth Library and Charmouth Village People.

11. Details of events in Charmouth, Lyme Regis and Uplyme were received from Adrian Ragbourne and circulated to all Councillors.

12. Rural Opportunities Bulletin was received via Daryl Turner (also sent to all Councillors) with particular notice being drawn to the funding streams.

13. Information following the Highways Walkabout has been received from Daryl Turner and is being dealt with by Andy Peters/Tim Holmes.

14. Coastal Community Team draft economic plan has been received from Adrian Ragbourne in advance of the Lyme Forward meeting and this was forwarded to Richard Salisbury and Peter Noel.

15. NALC bulletins on National Developments and Meetings have been received via DAPTC and are available to read.

16. Details of the annual Potato Day 2016 have been received from Drimpton Horticultural Society and forwarded to both the Charmouth Gardeners and the Allotment Society.

17. DAPTC Chief Executive’s circular for December 2015 has been received and is available to read.

18. CPRE Fieldwork and Countryside Voice magazines for Winter 2015 have been received and are available to read.

19. Local Council Review magazine for Winter 2015 has been received and is available to read.


1. Andy Peters reported that he had been asked to undertake a reading at the village Carol Service this coming Sunday 20 December at St Andrews Church, on behalf of the Council.

2. Andy Peters reported that following the Highways Walkabout recently he would be reporting the outcome through the Playing Field Committee in January.

3. Richard Salisbury reported that CHCC had received 91000 visitors up to the end of November as well as 5500 school children. The issue of charging was once again raised and Richard Salisbury confirmed that this had been discussed a great deal in the past and research shows that establishments which charge, do not receive the same volume of visitors.



4. Peter Noel reported that the Traders Christmas evening had been a great success this year with several shops/establishments reporting a “best day ever”.

5. Martin Sayers reported that he had bee approached about a car parked on the Street which had not moved for weeks. Daryl Turner confirmed that unless the vehicle is untaxed, there is nothing that can be done.

6. Chris Shirley-Smith commented that the street lights in the Street give very gloomy light and wondered if the bulbs could be changed to a higher wattage. It was confirmed that this is the responsibility of DC, contracted to SES and Daryl Turner stated that with cost implications and the “dark skies” policy, nothing is likely to change. Chris asked about householders cutting back vegetation around the light area and it was confirmed that if the vegetation is contrary to the guidelines a leaflet can be issued by the Parish Council and this would be followed up by DCC if left unattended. Several Councillors remembered when the lights were installed and upgraded by the Parish Council to ensure a better street scene which, at the time, was welcomed by the community.

7. Graham Bender reported that the village is on flood alert currently.

It was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that the Council go “in Committee”.


1. HR Issues.

2. Lease Issues.

Peter Noel, as Chair, thanked all Parish Councillors as well as Daryl Turner and George Symonds, for their efforts throughout the year.

The meeting closed at 8.30pm.


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