July 2015



PRESENT: Graham Bender, James Greenhalgh, Tim Holmes, Peter Noel, Paul Oatway, Andy Peters, Richard Salisbury, Martin Sayers

County/District Councillor Daryl Turner

District Councillor George Symonds


Apologies were received from David Clifford (away).


The Chairman reminded the Council of the need for individuals to declare an interest on either of the two types of interest as set out below.

  1. In items on the agenda – there were no declarations in items on the agenda.

  2. On gifts greater than £50 in value – there were no declarations.


No members of the public were present.


  1. Daryl Turner highlighted an article in the recent “Your Dorset” magazine about the first Local Authority Trading Company, Tricuro, which has been launched by Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole authorities to provide a higher quality adult social care service.

  2. Daryl stated that the new recycling centre at Broomhills is now due to be finished in September. Parish Councils would be invited to go and view the centre during September.

  3. It was reported that Dorset For You website is to be revamped.

  4. The “Ask Dorset” initiative is being taken one step further for 2015 with roadshows starting shortly to look at how Parish Council’s and local organisations can work together to maintain essential services.

  5. With regard to Roads and Rights of Way, Daryl reported that Demelza Hyde no longer works for DCC and Jill Exton is now the main contact. In addition, Dave Maunder is on long term sick leave and Dawn Atkin should be contacted regarding highways issues.


1. Daryl Turner reported that the final version of the Local Plan was now due to be rubber stamped and issued.

2. The CEO and the Strategic Directors had now been appointed for the tri-authority, meaning that the senior management team is in place.

3. The tri-authority now has a new Monitoring Officer, Stuart Cartell, with Roger Greene now being the Deputy Monitoring Officer.

4. Service reviews continue with consultation through organisations.

5. Funding for LAPs continues to be looked at.

6. With regard to Development Control, the land searches are to be taken away from WDDC but in the meantime they are doing the best they can whilst losing staff to the private sector. It is really a “fire fighting” exercise, but urgent requests are trying to be pushed through.

7. Following a petition of 1009 names, this has triggered the request to change from the cabinet system to the committee system to be taken straight to full Council. 1/8


8. George Symonds reiterated that he would be happy to meet with the new Planning Chair to go through some issues and give advice where necessary.


It was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Martin Sayers and

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Meeting held on 16 June 2015 be approved as a true record and signed by the Chair.


There were no matters arising from the minutes.

111/15 FORESHORE COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 7 July 2015)

1. Paul Oatway stated that he didn’t consider that the minutes were a fair report of the Flood Warden report and that he had circulated a personalised role profile for which he had sought approval for adoption. This had not been minuted. The document was circulated to all Councillors at this meeting and it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the personalised role profile for the Flood Warden be approved.

2. Richard Salisbury reported that WDDC had now levelled the access onto West Beach from the wooden bridge at the end of the prom.

3. It was confirmed that the path from the Lookout to the Coastguard path had now been finished and looks good.

4. Peter Noel reported that he had received many compliments from parishioners who are delighted with how the foreshore is looking with the introduction of flowers etc. Peter reminded Councillors to pass on any maintenance issues to the Works Committee so that they can be scheduled through the summer.

5. Richard Salisbury reported that there were tyre skid marks around the end of the Café and the chain is missing. He is concerned that a car could go down over the steps if the chain is not reinstated. This would be dealt with.

112/15 PLAYING FIELD AND CEMETERY COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 7 July 2015)

1. The Jubilee bench is broken and will be removed to get a quote to repair it.

2. Graham Bender raised the issue of the footpath from Wesley Close to Riverway and how overgrown it is. It was confirmed that although the surface is the responsibility of DCC, the sides are the responsibility of the land owner. DCC remind land owners of their responsibility and a leaflet has been produced which will be circulated again.

3. Graham Bender also raised the issue of weeds growing by the kerbs and the need for a voluntary community organisation.

113/15 TOURISM COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 14 July 2015)

1. Following circulation of a report to introduce tourist information at the Beach Office, it was agreed that the Tourism Committee had identified a need and this would now be passed to the Foreshore Committee to take forward. 2/8


2. There was a discussed about the history of the brown signs at the entrance to the village and how this had been a controversial issue within the village. It was felt that if the large sum required to install new signs was divided between the various organisations in the village and the service organisations responsible for the A35, then this could be a manageable project, bearing in mind that the Parish Council money which was earmarked for this project, is no longer available. It was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Martin Sayers and

RESOLVED unanimously that the provision of brown tourist signs at the entrance to the village on the A35 be looked at again.

114/15 WORKS COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 18 June 2015)

The minutes had been circulated and there were no contentious issues or proposals.

115/15 FINANCE COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 14 July 2015)

  1. It was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the Report of Accounts and Clerk’s report be accepted and approved, together with the additions to the accounts for payment, following approval of the majority by the Finance Committee.

£ £ £

Current Ac Deposit Ac

Cash Book Balance at 31 May 2015 42832.68 100488.97


Foreshore – Rents/Beach Huts/Car Park/Boats 15693.40

Other – Mallory Hayter Room 180.40

Interest __ 27.31



Accounts approved in June (inc PAYE) 10679.43

Zurich (insurance) 7744.42

Francis Bugler 128.94

Petty Cash 185.68

Direct Debits and Wages 8868.10


Cash Book Balance at 30 June 2015 31099.91 100516.28

Represented by:

Bank Santander 31099.91

Working 4202.41

Contingency 421.04

Earmarked Reserve 95892.83 _________

Business Deposit Account 100516.28

Nat West Account 1000.00

Nat West Savers Account 2405.17



HMRC (PAYE) 1726.28

Bridport Building Supplies 87.76

Travis Perkins 21.07

Creative Solutions 116.87

Kitson and Trotman 1830.00

Mole Avon Trading Ltd 95.10

Forest and Tree Care Ltd 960.00

Bridport Town Council 15.00

Wessex Water 238.40

DAPTC 441.46

Martin Diplock 300.00

Boilerman Ltd 356.42

Francis Bugler Ltd 236.52

Prospect Garage 356.26

Info Commissioners Office 35.00

Evans Plant Hire 25.20

Lyreco UK Ltd 47.89

DVLA 225.00

Morgans of Charmouth Ltd 14.91

Top Gear Ltd 44.40

Doodle Computers 54.00


2. Following circulation of the monthly spreadsheets for June 2015, it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the June 2015 accounts be accepted and approved.

3. Following a request for the Works Manager to update the quotes for the Fire alarm/emergency light maintenance contracts, later correspondence had been received clarifying the position and it is therefore proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the lowest quote from C B Potts of £662, subject to final verification, be accepted.

4. Further to identification of the need to increase the pest control visits to 6 per year, it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Peter Noel and

RESOLVED that the quote of £690 (no VAT) from Target Pest Control be accepted for the coming year. The funds would be from the existing budget of £300 and the remainder (£390) from FSH2 Earmarked Reserve.

5. Following recommendation of the Committee regarding the refund request to a beach hut tenant, it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that either a refund of £165 for the weeks unused be allowed if the let ends now, or a good-will gesture refund of £60 if the tenant feels able to continue with the rental now that the path is complete.



6. Further to a request from CHCC for additional parking to allow Wardens to undertaken Fossil Walks up to midday, it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Martin Sayers and

RESOLVED that the additional three parking permits issued to the CHCC for parking on the overflow car park up to 10am, be increased to 12noon. It should be made clear that these are not for volunteer use and are a concession for wardens undertaking fossil walks only. The original permits to be returned to the Council.

7. The Playing Field Committee have reviewed the quotes for the adult exercise equipment and the recommendation is approved by the Finance Committee. Therefore it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the quote from Ashlands for “air” equipment, amounting to a total of £3597 be accepted. After grants being claimed, the amount to be met by CPC of £1720 will be taken from PF2 Earmarked Reserve.

8. Following discussion at the Finance Committee about a volunteer to advertise the disposal of unrequired plant, Peter Noel informed the Council that Ian Simpson had apologised for not doing this already and agreed to continue with the task. As a local authority, the Council is responsible for disposing of assets for the benefit of the community and therefore if something with little value is useful to an organisation and it would cost more to sell it, it could be gifted.


1. St Andrews Community Hall Management Committee – Jim Greenhalgh agreed to take on this role.

2. Highways Officer – Andy Peters had already agreed to take on this role, but as Graham Bender is interested, they would work together initially.

4. Twinning Association – there were still no volunteers for this role currently.

5. Flood Warden/Deputy – Graham Bender is liaising with Paul Oatway and it was reported that other interest has been shown.

Following the resignation of Phil Tritton recently, the following representative slots were also now available:

6. Public Transport Rep – Paul Oatway ageed to take this role back in the interim period until new Councillors are on board.

7. DAPTC Western Area Rep – Paul Oatway is a rep and Peter Noel agreed to be the 2nd rep.

8. Charmouth Local History Society (Pavey Group) – there were no volunteers for this role currently.


This would be considered fully in September when hopefully two new Councillors can be co-opted. In the meantime, Paul Oatway agreed to sit additionally on the Planning Committee and the Foreshore Committee and Graham Bender was allocated to the Foreshore Committee. This would ensure these committees remain quorate.


1. It was agreed that the only meetings to be held would be a Foreshore Committee on Tuesday 4 August at 7.30pm at the Elms and a Planning Committee at a date later in August to be arranged and advertised.



2. Following a motion from Paul Oatway relating to finance arrangements in August, it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that, in accordance with paragraph 6.2 of the Financial Regulations, this Council authorises the Clerk in conjunction with the Chair of the Council and the Chair of the Finance Committee to approve for payment invoices for goods and services that have been duly processed in accordance with section 5 of the Financial Regulations during the Council 2015 summer recess period. All payments are to be reported to the next ordinary Finance Committee and then in turn to the next ordinary Council meeting.


1. Following the resignation of Ian Simpson at the end of June, confirmation has been received from WDDC that the casual vacancy can be filled by co-option. This will now be advertised for applicants for co-option in September.

2. Phil Tritton’s resignation has just been received and WDDC have been informed accordingly. The obligatory statutory notice will be received for display and if appropriate, a further co-option will follow, also in September.


This strategy had been discussed last month and it was agreed that two items needed looking at further: citizens meetings and use of social media. Paul Oatway and David Clifford had amended the strategy accordingly and it was agreed that these areas had been addressed. It was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Jim Greenhalgh and

RESOLVED that the updated Communication Strategy be adopted by the Council as a starting point, to be reviewed in a year’s time.


Following concern expressed to the Council that change in Councillors result in the covenants contained in the Evans Cliff Conveyance being forgotton/disregarded, it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that this Parish Council re-affirms the motions agreed at the September 2014 Parish Council Meeting as follows:

1. Charmouth Parish Council will never infringe the covenants of the Evans Cliff conveyance or any other covenants;

2. The idea of building a new Heritage Centre over the reed bed is therefore now withdrawn;

3. All new members of the Foreshore Committee should be educated in the Evans Cliff Covenants as well as any other relevant covenants and beach/cliff restrictions to ensure future compliance.

Additionally, the Parish Clerk is requested to bring forward a similar motion at the start of each new Parish Council (every four years) so that Councillors are reminded of the obligation.

Copies of the transcript of the covenants clauses would also be included in new Councillors information packs. 6/8



1. Paul Oatway had circulated a report of the CHCC Trustees meeting attended by himself and Richard Salisbury. Congratulations again went to Meirel for the significant surplus achieved last year.


1. Communication was received from Linda Bearpark regarding a duck race to raise money for the Community Hall on Sunday 2 August from the bridge (no use of Evans Cliff involved) and Linda is informing DCC.

2. A request for funding for the coming academic year has been received from The Bopper Bus Organisation. It is asking for a commitment as soon as possible to enable planning of the year’s programme. To be deferred until Charity Fund donations are considered in the Autumn.

3. An e-mail has been received from Dorset Waste Partnership regarding the position with regard to litter bins at the bottom of the village. This was read to Council and after a discussion it was agreed to write back to DWP asking if notices could be placed on the bins to try and stop domestic rubbish, rather than removing them straight away. In addition the request to move bins around to cover all bus stops would be re-iterated.

4. Information has been received from Dorset Highways regarding a Channel 5 TV programme which features their workforce. This was passed to all Councillors.

5. The Agenda for the next WATAG meeting has been received and was passed to Phil Tritton.

6. Details of a “Pop Up” Ask Dorset which is available for community events has been received from DAPTC following the launch of the community engagement scheme for 2015. This was passed to all Councillors.

7. Dorset Community Action E-Bulletin was received from BLAP and passed to Martin Sayers.

8. Details of the Dorset One World Festival to be held on 1 August in Dorchester were received and passed to all Councillors. This is a free event.

9. Dorset Highways Councillors Satisfaction Survey 2015 has been received and circulated to all Councillors. Deadline for survey responses is 4 September.

10. DAPTC Annual General Meeting Circular has been received and circulated to all Councillors.

11. DEFRA Access Newsletter Edition 69 has been received and is available to read.

12. A thank you has been received from the Jurassic Coast Trust for the Council’s help regarding the Love the Jurassic Coast campaign held recently.

13. DCF E-News for July 2015 has been received and is available to be forwarded.

14. A notice has been received from DAPTC regarding the appointment of a new Chief Executive following Cynthia Starkey’s retirement. This confirmed the appointment of Hilary Trevorah and was passed to all Councillors.

15. Information regarding the new DCF logo was received and passed to the Foreshore Committee for information.

16. Details of the Magna Housing Neighbourliness Award was received via BLAP and was forwarded to all Councillors for distribution and/or nomination.

17. Dorset Community Action E-Bulletin for July 2015 was received and forwarded to Martin Sayers as BLAP rep.

18. Information has been received via Daryl Turner regarding a partnership project to develop a new digital platform which will replace the current Dorsetforyou.com site.

19. Information has been received on the Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Draft Mineral Sites Plan and the Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Draft Waste Plan which are being consulted on for a ten week period ending on 23 September 2015. Both documents can be viewed via Dorset For You. 7/8


20. A complimentary copy of Charmouth Local History Society’s “The Village Echo” No 42 Summer 2015 has been received and is available to read.

21. Clerks and Councils Direct Magazine for July 2015 has been received and is available to read.


1. Andy Peters reported that the bus shelters were in a bad state of repair with the panels rusting badly. The Works Committee would look at this and whether guarantees exist and come back with costs to Finance Committee.

It was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the Council go “in Committee”.


1. Minutes of the HR Committee Meetings held on 16 June and 8 July.

The meeting closed at 8.50pm.


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