June 2016

PRESENT: Graham Bender,David Clifford, Jim Greenhalgh, Peter Noel, Paul Oatway, Martin Sayers, Richard Salisbury

Daryl Turner, Dorset County Councillor/West Dorset District Councillor

George Symonds, West Dorset District Councillor


Apologies were received from Deborah Gildersleeves (away).


The Chair reminded the Council of the need for individuals to declare an interest on either of the two types of interest as set out below.

(a) In items on the agenda – there were no declarations in items on the agenda.

(b) Of gifts greater than £50 in value – there were no declarations of gifts of greater than £50 in value.


No members of the public were present.


Daryl Turner updated the Council on the following issues from DCC:

  • Shaping Dorset’s future/Double Devolution – going ahead at pace. There is a meeting planned with Dorset MPs at Westminster for July. Early financial figures indicate that a single unitary authority would save £35 million per year and twin would save about £25 million a year.
  • The PCC have said that they are going to trial drones to monitor A35 road closures. The drones would fly to the accident scene and take photos so they don’t have to close the road for such a long period.
  • Paul Oatway asked Daryl Turner if he could ask the Highways grass cutting team if they could cut the hedgerow banks at Axminster Road as the growth is obscuring the sign. Daryl said he would speak to them about it.
  • Peter Noel also asked about the grass that had been cut at Higher Sea Lane / The Street junction. Would it be possible for the contractors to come back and collect the cuttings. Daryl explained there is no equipment that is capable to collect it.


  • 1-1-1 event taking place at WDDC Offices, Dorchester next week looking at the local governance issue moving forward through a tri partners eyes. (1-1-1 is there are 111 councillors in the tri part area).
  • Peter Noel asked if there was going to be a meeting about the A35 bypass. Daryl said there was and it had taken place last week in Chideock. Daryl had attended and Oliver Letwin had promised to look at a number of schemes.




It was proposed by Graham Bender, seconded by Martin Sayers and

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 17 May 2016 be approved as a true record and signed by the Chair.


There were none.

90/16 FORESHORE COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 13 June 2016)

Paul Oatway apologised for the late production of the report. He wanted to draw the Council’s attention to items in it that may be controversial.

1. Item 2g – Boat Owners risk assessments haven’t been done due to the departure of the Works Manager. Paul Oatway said it would be something he would pick up in his absence.

2. Item 1m – Library Book Sales. It was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that the book sales be allowed outside the Factory Building on the dates notified.


Jim Greenhalgh first apologised that he had not realised at the Playing Field Meeting at which he was elected chair, that there was supporting documents provided and therefore a number of issues were deferred to the next meeting.

1. There was one issue that he would like to deal with before the next Playing Field meeting. A request has been received for an allotment holder to install a greenhouse. There is a letter referring to an earlier request to install a shed. Paul Oatway reminded the meeting that the previous instance was a specific request to install a small shed only 5ft high for children. The Clerk reported that there were previous greenhouse permissions on file too. It was proposed by Jim Greenhalgh, seconded by Martin Sayers and

RESOLVED that permission be given, as a one off, to erect a greenhouse to this applicant only, as per previous permissions.


David Clifford reported that at the meeting he had been elected as Chair and that Richard Salisbury had been elected as Vice Chair.

There was only one application to be considered at the Planning Committee:

1. Application No. WD/D/16/001057

The Orangery, Langmoor Manor, Fernhill

Convert outbuilding to holiday unit- amendment notice also received.

The Council had no objection to this application.



2. Correspondence had been received from a resident Paul Harding regarding off road motorbike and car weekends which David has replied to. Mr Harding and seems happy with David’s reply and will raise the matter again if the frequency increases.

3. David Clifford reported that we had a response from Oliver Letwin MP to the letter sent. David’s understanding was that it was an opportunity for the Council to do further work to prepare things for him to look at. Paul Oatway said it was for Mr and Mrs Murphy to do the work. David queried this as he understood the letter said that the Council was required to contact Char Valley Group Parish Council. Paul explained that Oliver Letwin was waiting for a response from the Murphys and then he would contact Char Valley.

4. There was a very good Neighbourhood Plan meeting recently. David Clifford asked if there was a copy in the file, which the Clerk confirmed there was for every meeting and were available. Peter Noel reported that he had attended the meeting and the consultant had explained that it wasn’t necessary to send out questionnaires as had been the initial idea of the NP Committee and said to look at the mission statements in detail and then go out to different organisations within the village. She gave many ideas of how to move forward and those in attendance were very happy with the meeting.

93/16 FINANCE COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 14 June 2016)

1. It was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Paul Oatway and

RESOLVED that the Report of Accounts and Clerk’s report for May be accepted and approved, together with the accounts for payment totalling £14,498.58 which had been approved by the Finance Committee.

The following payments had been agreed by the Finance committee and were noted. There were no additions.




Current Ac

Deposit Ac

Cash Book Balance at 30 April 2016




ForeshoreRents/Car Park/Beach Huts


Recovered Memorial Bench


Elms Rent/MH Room


Tourist Guide Adverts


Elms Services






Accounts paid in Feb (inc PAYE)


John Peers Ltd (Kubota insurance)


Petty Cash








Cash Book Balance at 31 May 2016

Represented by:

Bank Santander






Earmarked Reserve


Business Deposit Account

Transfer of £15000 made from Current A/c 9/6/16


Nat West Account


Nat West Savers Account


Accounts For Approval:



A J Supplies


Travis Perkins


Boilerman Ltd


View From Newspapers


John Peers Ltd


Bridport Building Supplies


Mole Avon Trading Ltd


Prospect Garage


Wessex Water


Garry Pitcher Locksmith


Lyreco UK Ltd


Pre Pay Mania.co.uk


Lyme Locks


C W Groves & Son Ltd


Mark Wickenden


DAPTC (Subs)


DAPTC (Course)


Zurich Municipal



2. Following circulation of the monthly spreadsheets for May 2016, it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Jim Greenhalgh and

RESOLVED that the May 2016 accounts be accepted and approved.



3.Following circulation of the Earmarked Reserves Account to all Councillors prior to the meeting, it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that the Earmarked Reserve accounts of May 2016, showing the movements after the financial year end, be accepted and approved.

4. The 2015/16 accounts had been circulated to all Councillors prior to the meeting. Martin Sayers asked the question as to why the income to the Foreshore had dropped dramatically from the year before? Peter Noel explained that last year’s insurance payment for the storm damage would have increased the income substantially for the previous year. It was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that the annual income/expenditure accounts and balance sheet for 2015/16 be approved and accepted.

5. A copy of the Annual return to Auditors, Annual Governance Statement had been circulated to all Councillors and following no queries, it was proposed by David Clifford, seconded by Paul Oatway and

RESOLVED that the Annual Governance Statement be approved and accepted.

6. A copy of the Annual Return to Auditors, Accounting Statements had been circulated and following no comments it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Jim Greenhalgh and

RESOLVED that the Annual Accounting Statements be approved and accepted.

7. A copy of the completed Internal Auditor’s Report had been circulated which confirmed he was happy there were no breaches of internal control. Paul Oatway wished to offer appreciation to the Clerk and staff that this is the first year without any observations from the auditor. It was therefore proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Peter Noel and

RESOLVED that the Internal Audit report be accepted and agreed.

8. The bank reconciliation for 2015/16 was circulated to all Councillors and it was proposed by Richard Salisbury, seconded by Jim Greenhalgh and

RESOLVED that the bank reconciliation be approved.

9. The Finance Committee had validated the contents of the insurance schedule as set out in the Committee minutes and it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that the policy with Zurich Municipal at a cost of £8302.07 for the coming year which is within the budgeted figure of £8500, be approved.

10. Following recommendation from the Finance Committee it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Richard Salisbury

RESOLVED that the RADAR lock be reinstalled to allow disabled toilet to be returned to a disabled only toilet at a cost of £400 from EM FSH1.

Paul Oatway questioned WDDC reaction as they may not want to reinstate the lock even though it was being paid for by the Council.



11. Following the change in Council officials it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Paul Oatway and

RESOLVED that the signatories for the Santander and Nat West Accounts should be Mrs L Tuck, Mr P Noel, Mr P Oatway, Mr J Greenhalgh and Mr R Salisbury.

12. The Clerk reported to the meeting that the Cloud storage quoted amounted to £4.99 for 25gb. The office needed 75gb but the next amount available was 100gb at £9.95 per month which was within the figure that Finance Committee had agreed.


This issue had been deferred from the AGM to wait until the Chairs of Committees had been elected. It was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded David Clifford and

RESOLVED that Executive Committee membership be made up of 6 members being:

Peter Noel, Paul Oatway, Jim Greenhalgh, David Clifford, Martin Sayers, Richard Salisbury.


This issue had been deferred from the AGM to wait until the Chairs of Committees had been elected. It was proposed by David Clifford, seconded by Martin Sayers and

RESOLVED that the Works Committee membership be made of 5 members being: Peter Noel, Paul Oatway, Jim Greenhalgh, David Clifford, and Graham Bender.


1. Peter Noel read Motion 1 from the agenda to the Committee. Peter stated it was Paul Oatway’s idea. Paul commented that only the first part was his idea, and that it was shifting costs from the Council to the individual Councillors. The Clerk informed the Committee that paper copies would be available on request, just that the packs would not be produced and left for collection. Paul Oatway also commented that it would reduce the work load of the office staff as there is a work overload in the office at the moment. Peter Noel thought that it would be beneficial as the members would have time to read the minutes of the various Committees and raise any questions with the Chair’s before the full Council meeting, rather than rushing things. Jim Greenhalgh stated that he represents the Council on the Community Hall Committee which also meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Peter Noel thought it was more important that the Council meeting be moved as minutes of the Community Hall meetings could still be received. Paul Oatway pointed out that some months have five Tuesdays, so Jim Greenhalgh would be able to make their meetings quarterly. It was proposed by Peter Noel seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED to move Full Council date to the fourth Tuesday of the month, with the Works Committee being held on the third Tuesday. All paperwork/minutes will be sent by email as they are produced, with hard copies being available on request.

2. Motion 2 was raised by Peter Noel, that we have representatives of the Community to sit on Playing Field and Foreshore Committees. He suggested a representative from the Bowls Club and the Football Club for Playing Field and on Foreshore Committee perhaps, Robert Vincent and a representative of the traders i.e. the Heritage Centre or the Cafe. So that they would feel they were involved and would know what was going on. It was something that was put forward at the DAPTC Chairmen’s Seminar that he went to as something that was encouraged to get people involved.



Jim Greenhalgh asked if they would have any say. Peter said that they wouldn’t have a say in financial or in ‘In Committee’ matters but they would have a say in everything else. Paul Oatway questioned how they would not have a say in Committee matters when they were sitting on the Committee. Peter Noel explained he meant ‘In Committee’ matters and that they would be asked to leave the room at that point.

Paul Oatway stated he didn’t think this was a well thought out plan. It may work in a recreational type environment, but with regards to the Foreshore Committee consultation meetings had been set up previously with the beach hut tenants and the tenants of the factory building. Peter Noel confirmed that by traders this meant factory building tenants. Paul Oatway’s main concern was that the Foreshore Committee is a senior management committee for a revenue earning facility for the Council and it would be like having a business and inviting in competitors. Martin Sayers questioned how it would work as they would only be interested in their area yet would have to sit through the rest of the meeting.

Peter Noel said that he was just raising it as a possibility to invite people to join in so that they feel part of the community. Graham Bender asked why they couldn’t come to the meeting as the general public can. Peter said they were entitled to come to any meeting, it was just a question of inviting them. Richard Salisbury said that previously members of the public had come to meetings and got quite involved.

Paul Oatway and Peter Noel had a discussion about the motion. Paul Oatway said that Peter’s email was discussed at the Foreshore Committee and there was no support for it as consultative meetings were already arranged. This motion was abandoned.


1. Motion 1 – This Parish recognises that its Financial Regulations, which were adopted on 16th September 2014 do not take account of the changed staffing arrangements within the Parish Office, that being the appointment of Charmouth Parish Council’s Deputy Parish Clerk. There is a clear requirement to ensure that the Parish Council may properly function regarding financial matters when the Parish Clerk is away and the Deputy Parish Clerk is in attendance. To this purpose, whereas in Financial regulations:4.1 (authority to spend); 4.5 (extreme risk to the delivery of Council services); and 6.18 (Any Debit Card issued for use will be specifically restricted to the Clerk); there are references to ‘the Clerk’, such term (the Clerk) shall now de facto include ‘the Deputy Clerk’. This inclusion does not change any other Financial Regulation and in particular Financial Regulation 1.8 relating to the appointment of the Clerk as the Responsible Financial Officer is also unchanged. This change is retrospective from the start of the appointment of the Deputy Clerk on 1st April 2016.

It was proposed by Paul Oatway and seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that changes be made to the Financial Regulations to take into account the appointment of the Deputy Parish Clerk as stated in the motion.

2. Motion 2 – The Parish Council notes that Standing Order 15(a) states: ‘The Proper Officer shall be (i) the Parish Clerk or (ii) other staff member nominated by the Council to undertake the work of the Proper Officer when the Proper Officer is absent.’. This Parish Council wishes to ensure the proper running of the Parish Office and hereby appoints the Deputy Parish Clerk as the Proper Officer as and only when the Clerk is absent.

It was proposed by Paul Oatway and seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that the Council appoints the Deputy Clerk as the Proper Officer as and when the Clerk is absent.




1. Peter Noel stated that confirmation has been received from WDDC that no election has been called therefore the Council is free to co-opt, this should now be advertised for potential co-option at the July Council Meeting. Peter asked the Councillors to encourage new members.


1. Richard Salisbury was not able to attend the Lyme Regis LAP meeting as he was away.

2. The Heritage Centre is going on well financially. Their attendance is average, except for schools which have dropped a lot. Richard felt this was because the Centre was low on staff and could not accommodate the schools and also there is a restriction on the schools due to budget cuts. The Centre is doing well overall and are getting their staff numbers back up. Paul Oatway wanted to add that the annual report of the Heritage Centre is with the Clerk and is worth reading as it highlights the financial position of the Centre.


1. DAPTC Chief Executives Circular 03/16, covering Highways changes to be presented at DAPTC area meetings received and is available to read.

2. Invitation received from Citizens Advice Bridport and District to their AGM on 18th July 2016. Peter Noel asked if any member could go to the Citizens Advice AGM.

3. An email received from a resident regarding parking on The Street, referred to Highways Sub-Committee for consideration.

4. DCC letter publicising documents “The Draft Minerals Sites Plan Update 2016”and “The Draft Waste Plan Update , Additional & Emerging Preferred Waste Site Allocations” are available to read.

5. Annual report for 2015 received from Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre and is available to read.

6. Dorset Review magazine from Campaign To Protect Rural England received and is available to read.

7. The magazine of the National Association of Local Councils received and is available to read.

8. An email has been received from Adrian Ragbourne about the First Dorset bus strike.

9. An email was received about signage for Charmouth Market from the highways contractors.

10. An email from Bridport Town Council received with the BLAP bulletin.

11. Dorset Coast Forum sent an email with the DCF Enews June 2016.

12. The Jurassic Coast Team and trust sent a Newsletter by email.

13. DAPTC sent an email about the School Provision Strategy.

14. An email about the Advice Dorset Training Programme received from Adrian Ragbourne.

15. Email received about Lyme Forward Local Area Partnership meeting 9th June at 14:00 in The Woodmead Halls.

16. Email received from Adrian Ragbourne about NHS road show to visit Lyme Regis 17th June 10am – 1pm at Cobb Gate

17. Lyme Regis Police emailed a reply to our comments regarding the recent fly tipping in Charmouth.

18. An email was received from Paul Oatway about the CHCC volunteers receiving the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. Paul Oatway requested that the Council’s congratulations to the Heritage Centre be minuted. Peter Noel said that when it is considered how long the Heritage Centre has been in existence it is amazing as they are all volunteers. Richard Salisbury said that there are150 volunteers of which 79 are active.

19. Daryl Turner forwarded an email containing the County Councillors Road Works Report. 1623

20. Bridport Town Council emailed the BLAP Steering Group report.

21. Daryl Turner emailed News from Dorset Libraries.

22. DAPTC emailed regarding Subscriptions and the Value of Membership.

23. An email was received regarding the A35 Charmouth Roundabout improvement scheme from Highways England.

24. An email was received from Highways England regarding the A35 Chideock to Miles Cross Safety Scheme.

25. DAPTC sent an email about Superfast Update for DAPTC Western Area Meeting.

26. DAPTC sent an email advertising spaces available to book on the Essential for Councillors East and West in June 2016.

27. An email received with details of the next BLAP Steering Group meeting. Thursday 2 June at 2.15pm in the Committee Room at Mountfield, Bridport.

28. DAPTC spring magazine 2016 email received.

29. Funding opportunity email received from Daryl Turner. The M&S Energy Community Fund has announced that not-for-profit organisations can apply for funding renewable energy projects.

30. An email received from DCC about the Registration Service Public Consultation which runs until 11/08/2016 and is available to be forwarded on request.


1. George Symonds wanted to point out that when you have a RADAR lock fitted people tend to get stuck in it for all sorts of reasons. If we do get the lock fitted, have a spare key nearby.

2. Richard Salisbury commented that although it was not recorded in the minutes of the Finance Committee, he was given the job of being responsible for the machinery. He wanted to report that there are fifteen grass cutting machines and they are in a terrible state. He had contacted two firms and Crewkerne Horticultural were the best. They had given service prices of £140 plus parts and VAT and for the mower the price was £57.50 plus parts and VAT. Three machines had gone to them today. He thought that they bill would be high as the maintenance had not be kept up. Graham Bender questioned was it better to buy new ones. Richard would find out from the company. It was agreed that authorisation for the repairs would be agreed by an email Executive Committee.

Jim Greenhalgh raised a query about the responsibility of the Bowling Club machine maintenance. The Clerk reported that the rent had been significantly reduced previously to take into account the age of the machine.


1. Land/lease issues

2. Report from the HR Committee held on 16th June 2016

The meeting closed at 9.15pm.

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