March 2015



PRESENT: Jane Bremner (Chair), David Clifford, Peter Noel, Andy Peters, Richard Salisbury, Martin Sayers, Phil Tritton

County Councillor Daryl Turner

2 reps from Lyme Regis Police; 2 members of the public


Apologies were received from Jane Morrow (Holiday); Paul Oatway (Holiday); Chris Shirley-Smith (Personal); Ian Simpson (business commitments).


The Chair reminded the Council of the need for individuals to declare an interest on either of the two types of interest as set out below.

  1. In items on the agenda – there were no declarations in items on the agenda.

  2. On gifts greater than £25 in value – there were no declarations in gifts greater than £25.


  1. Lyme Regis Police representatives updated the Council on recent criminal activity and other incidents in the beat area. Peter Noel stated that he had heard reports about “boy racers” in the village again and the Police advised that people should dial 101 to report incidents. Jane Bremner reported that she and Daryl Turner have a meeting later this week with Oliver Letwin MP and Connect about the speed of traffic approaching the roundabout from Axminster.


  1. Daryl Turner reported that an amount of £14.7m is required for highways to maintain current conditions, they are currently £841k short and are looking for grants to bridge the shortfall.
  2. Daryl Turner reported that Dorset Waste Partnership has an expected overspend in the current year of £2.8m. This is caused by two distinct groups, the economic climate and market for waste disposal and the cost of hiring vehicles when the budget had been allocated for purchase. The latter is the most significant. A meeting of the Joint Committee last week recommended 30+ actions to get back on track. The Director has been suspended. With regard to the roll out of tranche 5 of the recycling this has been extended into September/October.
  3. Daryl Turner stated that all 9 Councils had now signed up to the Economic Growth Board, with £750k coming from the Transformation Challenge Fund to help the formation. This is the first step to a unitary authority.
  4. With regard to the budgets, Daryl Turner reported that almost £20m savings are required for 2015/16. With a modest increase in Council Tax of 1.99% and growth in the taxbase which provides around £5m of extra funding, leaves a further £15m of savings to deliver in the coming year. This is on top of over £60m already saved in the previous four years.




  1. Jane Bremner reported that WDDC, Weymouth & Portland BC and Purbeck DC are encouraging Council Tax payments by electronic means by way of a draw for £1000 for switching by June. 50p is saved for every person who changes to electronic payments and £88,000 was saved when Direct Debit payments were encouraged previously.
  2. Jane Bremner stated that the “Visit Dorset” campaign in junction with “Visit Britain” is doing very well having hosted Paddington Bear and various locations across the County and with the Broadchurch effect. Jane would forward information for the Tourism Committee.


It was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by Phil Tritton and

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Meeting held on 20 January 2015 be approved as a true record and signed by the Chair.


There were no matters arising.

27/15 FORESHORE COMMITTEE (Meetings held on 10 February and 3 March 2015)

  1. Phil Tritton reported that most of the issues covered in 10 February minutes had been updated in the 3 March minutes.
  2. There was one proposal still to take from 10 February relating to an evening parking rate. It was proposed by Phil Tritton, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that an evening rate of £1.50 be introduced from 6-9pm.

  1. Phil Tritton stated that the pink huts on the upper platform had nearly finished being refurbished and the blue huts were being moved from Robert Vincent’s car park.
  2. The lookout path should be complete by the end of April.
  3. Phil Tritton reported that he is still waiting to hear about the toilets but is to meet someone about the car park machine next week (this will be the third person!). However, this means the signage etc will not be done before Easter now.
  4. With regard to the fence adjacent to Robert Vincent’s car park, Phil Tritton is being copied in on e-mails with DCC and this is progressing slowly.

28/15 PLAYING FIELD AND CEMETERY COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 3 March 2015)

  1. Andy Peters reported that he had made contact with Tricia Forsey and would be meeting her to get advice on the organisation of the Remembrance Day Parade.
  2. Andy Peters, Jane Bremner and Ian Simpson had visited the Scout Group which was very entertaining. The Scouts were very engaged and astute with their questions.
  3. With regard to the trees at the allotments a response had been received from the complainant following the Council’s letter to him in which he states he is pleased that there is a Committee and a Tree Warden to oversee such issues. Andy Peters reported that there is a bit more work to be done and he is to visit the site with the allotment holders to agree this.
  4. The Clerk explained that the Footpath Officer item was about how this role would fit into the Committee.
  5. The Clerk reported that she had received a very recent request from a parishioner to have a memorial stone in the new memorial garden without the burial of any ashes. All permissions/fees would be obtained/paid and this would be recorded accordingly. It was agreed that this is acceptable.



29/15 PLANNING COMMITTEE (Meetings held on 10 February and 10 March 2015)

Over the two meetings the following applications have been received and commented on:

  1. Application No. WD/D/15/000016 – Knapp House, The Street

Proposed dwelling – Objections had been received and parishioner Tim Warin, on behalf of himself and other parishioners, raised objections at the meeting. The Parish Council objects to this proposal for the following reasons:

  • The proposed site is too close to the boundary wall which has recently had major repairs;

  • This proposed building will be directly overlooking four neighbouring properties resulting in a lack of privacy.

  • There are concerns over drainage and sewerage.

  • There are questions over the scale and orientation of the building which are not consistent with the published plans.

  • This building is not suitable with regards to the character of the area and constitutes further infilling of a garden.

  • The proposed property is too large and will dominate the area.

  • The property will be viewable from public footpaths.

    There are also concerns that the extension to the consultation period has not been clearly advised on the planning website. Finally, there is concern over access for the buildings and delivery/removal of building materials through what is already a narrow low roofed access used by up to four other properties exiting on to the main road through the village, which will also be the access for the new property.

  1. Application No. WD/D/15/000050 – 11 Downside Close

Planning application for a new dwelling – No objection.

  1. Application No. WD/D/15/000112 – 1 The Coach and Horses, The Street

Renew sliding sash windows to ground floor bay window on North elevation of property – No objection.

  1. Application No. WD/D/14/002811

    Manor Farm Holiday Centre, The Street

    Change of use from camping and caravan pitches

    to string of 10 chalets and 8 static caravans.

    JB declared an interest and left the room - No objection.

  2. Application No. WD/D/15/000160

    Pine Tree House, Lower Sea Lane

    Erect extension to rear of property

    PN declared an interest - No objection.

  3. Application No. WD/D/15/000191

    2 Kidmore Close

    Addition of conservatory to rear - No objection.

  4. Application No. WD/D/14/002857

    Langley House, The Street

    Change of use of west side of ground floor to a

    dwelling within the walls of the existing building - No objection.



  1. Application No. WD/D./15/000328

    The Stone House, The Street

    Replacement of 9 PVC casement windows with

    timber casement windows - No objection.

  1. Two corrections were reported to the minutes of 10 March – Jane Bremner had declared an interest in 3a also and Peter Noel had declared an interest in 1c.
  2. Following approval of the application to approve tree surgery at The Elms/Library, quotes will now be sought for the work.
  3. It was a shame no-one could attend the Neighbourhood Planning Seminar on 24 March but the slides would be requested.
  4. It was reported that Jo Witherden, previously of WDDC Neighbourhood Planning was being used by Loders to assist with their neighbourhood plan and this was proving very worthwhile.
  5. Following a visit from Catherine Bonnet, Rural Housing Enablement Officer, Charmouth had been chosen, as one of five communities, to identify possible sites for affordable housing due to the high amount of people identified as needing affordable housing with a Charmouth connection. The minutes of the Planning Committee showed three sites which had been identified as potential areas of land that could in the future be used but it is not a statement of intent. Jane Bremner declared an interest as she owned a small portion of one of the identified sites. After a long discussion it was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that the three sites identified, plus another site off Old Lyme Hill, be suggested as potential sites in the first instance.

All these sites are outside the development boundary and as such would only be granted planning permission as rural exception sites for 100% affordable housing. Liaison through the Neighbourhood Plan process would take place.

30/15 FINANCE COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 10 March 2015)

  1. The following payments had been agreed by the Finance Committee (February retrospectively and March) and were noted along with the additions since then:

HMRC (PAYE) 1900.57

Ironmongery Direct 395.04

Argos 223.94

Ladders UK Direct 146.81

Tesco Direct 46.00

Bridport Building Supplies 156.04

Grieg and Allen Ltd 368.02

Garry Pitcher Locksmith 24.99

Doodle Computers 54.00

Creative Solutions 45.67

Allfix Ltd 250.67

Morgans of Charmouth 22.45

M R Bowditch 2561.22

Fowler Hire and Sales Ltd 41.04

Lyreco 56.23

Evans Plant Hire 600.00

View from Series 112.50

Travis Perkins 20.66

Pristine Engraving 75.00

Bridport Glass and Tile 38.64 4/10


HMRC (VAT) 507.24

Fitzpatrick Woolmer 1881.48


HMRC (PAYE) 1702.68

Fitzpatrick Woolmer 1881.48

Bridport Building Supplies 257.91

Protek Products 554.40

Kitson & Trotman 550.00

Scottish Fuels 150.00

J F Trivett & Son 120.00

Pro-Fit Floor Coverings 1395.60

Travis Perkins 38.18

Creative Solutions 46.80

Evans Plant Hire 698.78

Prospect Garage 269.18

Lyreco UK Ltd 240.91

Fowler Hire and Sales Ltd 63.64

Doodle Computers 54.00

HMRC (VAT) 507.24

CPRE 36.00

C B Potts 403.92

Currys 209.98


  1. Following circulation of the report of accounts and Clerk’s report for February and March, it was proposed by Phil Tritton, seconded by Jane Bremner and

RESOLVED that the report of accounts (set out below) and the Clerk’s reports for February and March be accepted and approved.

When the telephone account contracts are next due for renewal, alternative suppliers should be looked at.

£ £ £

Current Ac Deposit Ac

Cash Book Balance at 31 December 2014 15231.93 110345.26


Foreshore – Rents/Beach huts/car park 18811.30

Other – conference room/cem fees/pf services 206.87

Memorial Bench Recovered 874.02

Other BT refunds 113.22

Interest 29.99




Petty Cash 90.66

Accounts paid in January (inc PAYE) 3858.05

Tesco Direct 46.00

Ironmongery Direct 395.04

WDDC – Planning 21.50

Direct debits and wages 10728.44

15139.69 5/10


Cash Book Balance at 28 February 2015 20097.65 110375.25

Represented by:

Bank Santander 20097.65

Working 37796.23

Contingency 421.04

Earmarked Reserve 72157.98 ________

Business Deposit Account 110375.25

Nat West Account 1000.00

Nat West Savers Account 2404.68

£ £ £

Current Ac Deposit Ac

Cash Book Balance at 31 January 2015 20097.65 110375.35


Foreshore – Rents/Beach huts/car park 3721.95

Other – conference room 324.20

Insurance Claim: Feb storms/beach huts 23246.62

Other BT refunds 71.83

Interest 30.00




Accounts paid in February (inc PAYE) 6698.45

Fitzpatrick Woolmer (finger post deposit) 1881.48

HMRC VAT 507.24

Direct debits and wages 6796.02



Cash Book Balance at 28 February 2015 31579.06 110405.35

Represented by:

Bank Santander 31579.06

Working 18486.66

Contingency 421.04

Earmarked Reserve 91497.65 ________

Business Deposit Account 110405.35

Nat West Account 1000.00

Nat West Savers Account 2404.68

  1. Following circulation of the monthly spreadsheets for January and February 2015, it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the January and February 2015 accounts be accepted and approved.

Peter Noel reported that the SAGE formats should be in place by April and the records were currently being brought up to date.



  1. Following circulation of the latest Earmarked Reserves sheet in February, it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that a letter be sent to St Andrews Church regarding the £2000 being held for the refurbishment of the church clock. Assurance is required that this will be used within the next 3 years, otherwise the funds will have to be released and a fresh application made when this is required.

  1. The Foreshore Committee had set out the need for additional funds for the sea defence wall steps and it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Phil Tritton and

RESOLVED that and additional £500 be allocated for the sea defence wall steps from Earmarked Reserve FSH1.

  1. Following complaints from Upper Platform Beach Hut tenants to the Foreshore Committee, it is now proposed by Phil Tritton, seconded by Peter Noel and

RESOLVED that all Upper Platform tenants be given a discount of 50% of the winter cost (£35) when renewing for the coming summer season as a good will gesture.

  1. Phil Tritton reported that he had been in discussions with Creative Solutions and obtained a cost for A3 size vinyls which will be used with existing metal signs and fixings, showing the new dog rules with a zoned map. In addition 2 toilet signs had been included as well as all design costs. It was therefore proposed by Phil Tritton, seconded by Jane Bremner and

RESOLVED that the quote of £282.98 plus VAT be accepted from Creative Solutions to provide the signage as set out. This expenditure would be taken from Earmarked Reserve SN1.

  1. Following a quote from Jerry Ellis to service all the small machinery on site, it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that as this compares very favourably with previous costs and is to be undertaken “on Site”, the quote of £875 from Jerry Ellis should be accepted. This would be taken from the current year’s machinery service budget and the rest from Earmarked Reserve MC1.

31/15 EXECUTIVE E-COMMITTEES (Meetings held on 4/5 February and 5 March 2015)

  1. The report of the meeting held on 4/5 February regarding the hire of the dumper for the river works was noted.
  2. With regard to the agreement to £1000 for new doors for the Beach Café, Phil Tritton reported that this had to be amended as the quote should have been for hard wood doors which would cost an additional £500 (£1500 in total). It was therefore proposed by Phil Tritton, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that a total of £1500 be allocated from Earmarked Reserve FSH1 to replace the café doors.




  1. Phil Tritton reported that Ian Simpson was obtaining a quote from Tim Heap of Logomotion to update the website to include all Agendas as well as the last year’s Committee minutes and Full Council minutes as well as documents produced by the Council. This should improve parishioners awareness of what is coming up at meetings and what has happened previously.
  2. Phil Tritton had circulated a draft Communications Strategy in February which he had received some comments on. He emphasised that this was very much a draft and provided that Councillors feel that this is the right line to take, he will amend and refine for next month. Jane Bremner stated that some of the terminology needed to be changed, ie, not stakeholders, but parishioners! A communications councillor had been suggested as well as a deputy. Jane also suggested setting up “Google Alerts” for all things “Charmouth”.
  3. Ian Simpson is to look at a Social Media Strategy.


Jane Bremner reminded all Councillors that the Annual Parish Meeting is to take place next Tuesday at the Community Hall. Access is available from 6pm to set up and she asked for volunteers to help set up tables and chairs (DC, AP, MS) as well as a volunteer for teas/coffees (PN). She hoped that Chairs of Committees were ready with their under 5 minutes report and unrestricted Q&A sessions. The leaflet had been produced and mostly distributed and she hoped it would be another good turnout.


Jane Bremner reminded all Councillors that the Parish Council elections take place on Thursday 7 May, along with the District and General elections. Nomination papers need to be submitted by 4pm on Thursday 9 April. Jane repeated that she is standing down as a Councillor but reported that as Chair she remains in post until the AGM on 19 May.


  1. Martin Sayers reported that he had attended BLAP but there was nothing of note for Charmouth.
  2. Phil Tritton reported that the Charmouth Local History Group History Trail is about to go to print.
  3. Phil Tritton reported that The Traders calendar for 2016 is to go ahead.


  1. An e-mail has been received from Charmouth School PTFA regarding a Duck Race they are holding over Easter. They are aware of the covenants and will be using Seadown land again this year. They have obtained permission from DCC to use the bridge.

  2. Email from DWP regarding the delay in starting the new recycling service until October 2015. The garden waste service will start in July for those signed up. This has been forwarded to all Councillors.

  3. A copy of a letter from DCC to Oliver Letwin MP has been received regarding the delays to coastal access proposals for Lyme Regis to Rufus Castle, Portland.



  1. A further e-mail has been received from Kathy Hackman regarding signage at the seafront relating to the swans on the river. This has been passed to the Foreshore Committee.

  2. Update on Superfast Broadband has been received from both DCC and DAPTC (which was forwarded to all Councillors).

  3. Various information about the timetable for elections has been received and forwarded to all Councillors.

  4. West Dorset and Weymouth & Portland Borough Councils are consulting on modifications to their respective Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charging schedules following the conclusion of the hearing sessions into the examination of the Local Plan and CIL in December 2014, the deadline for comments in 23 April and this can be forwarded if anyone is interested.

  5. Details of the LAP meeting held on 12 March were received and passed to Jane Morrow.

  6. Details of what being a DAPTC Area Representative entails have been received and forwarded to all Councillors.

  7. Details of a change in legislation allowing meeting summons to be sent by e-mail have been received and forwarded to all Councillors.

  8. Information about the Southern Dorset Local Action Group have been received and forwarded to all Councillors.

  9. Details of the BLAP Annual Assembly to be held on 19 March have been received and forwarded to Martin Sayers.

  10. Details of the Dorset CPRE AGM to be held on 21 March have been received and forwarded to all Councillors.

  11. Access Newsletter Issue 67 has been received and has been forwarded to all Councillors.

  12. Details have been received from Plantlife regarding the National Plant Monitoring Survey which has been passed to Shoreline for advertising in the next edition.

  13. Information and posters have been received from DAPTC regarding telephone fraud and protection of the elderly. This has been passed to all Councillors and displayed on the main board.

  14. Dorset Coast Forum E News update for February and E News for March have been received and are available to be forwarded.

  15. Dorset Community Action E Bulletin for February 2015 has been received via BLAP and forwarded to Martin Sayers.

  16. DAPTC Chief Executive’s Circular 03 has been received for March 2015 and forwarded to all Councillors.

  17. WATAG minutes have been received and forwarded to Paul Oatway.

  18. Traders minutes have been received and are available to be forwarded.


  1. Phil Tritton reported that as an individual he may become a Trustee of Lyme Regis Development Trust. Their remit covers Lyme Regis and the surrounding area and Phil is keen to inform people in Charmouth about what they do.
  2. Reports had been received that coaches are struggling to access the WDDC car park in St Andrews Drive due to cars parking inside the car park entrance adjacent to Heritage Mews houses. Daryl Turner would take this up with the District Council.
  3. Richard Salisbury reported that all is well at the Heritage Coast Centre and Meirel has a strong team to move into the season.



It was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the Council go “in Committee”.


  1. Minutes of the HR Committee held on 27 January 2015.

  2. Proposal from Foreshore Committee – Lease.

  3. Proposal from Finance Committee – Rent.

    The meeting closed at 10.00 pm.


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