Minutes 20th May 2019


Present:  Andy Bateman (Chair), Sarah Edwards (Secretary), Beth Gillan, Steve Gillan, Simon Leech, Paul Oatway, Tim Sheward, Eden Thomson.

AB welcomed Beth and Steve Gillan on their return to the Steering Group.

Apologies:  Chris Lakeman Fraser

2  Business Interests

The Chairman reminded members of the requirement under the Terms of Reference to declare any interest in any item on the agenda or in any topic that arises during the meeting. None were declared.

3  Minutes of last meeting, Actions and Matters Arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

Following the meeting with Jo Witherden on 24th April amendments had been made to the draft policies, which have been sent back to her.

AB said that the balance remaining from the budget received from Locality in August 2018 (£784.43) can be spent but only on specified items; any change to this use would have to be agreed with Locality.  We can apply for another budget but only when the 2018 budget has been spent.  We also have some funding allocated by the Parish Council.  This is likely to be an expensive year due to printing and related costs.

A meeting has been arranged with Nick Cardnell, Dorset Council, on 7th June, so that we can get an initial reaction to the contents of the Plan.

AB said that he has drawn together some of the replies to the service provider survey which will feed into the Business section of the Plan.  

4  Review

Natural Environment (ET/SE): ET said there are some issues regarding policy NE6, as JW has previously said to take out parts of this but is now saying to put them back in – we need to discuss this with her. There is good evidence for the issues raised but some further checks are needed and some photographs could be improved.  The section on views and vistas is still to be done. We have created a separate “Heritage and History” section which makes it easier to identify historic structures that should be protected.  At some stage the whole Plan needs to be assessed to look at areas where different sections overlap and to assess the evidence we have and whether we all agree with the conclusions drawn from it.

Community Assets and Amenities (SL): SL said that it is now clearer that the Heritage and History section protects the structures and Assets protects the contents.  He had no issues with any of JW’s comments.

Business (AB): AB said there were one or two issues for him to look at.  He is waiting for the update on the retail map commissioned by the Parish Council which will be ready soon.  The map is mostly to identify and protect existing retail premises. The service providers survey results need a bit more work.  AB said the main issue was regarding BET2 policy and the business classes that are affected; these are currently shown as A2 and B1.  This will be discussed with Dorset Council (see below).

Getting Around Charmouth (AB): AB has been using the Geowessex maps but has found that the quality is not good when they are downloaded. ET will find out the status of the SW coast path amendments.

Housing (TS): TS had done some more work on justification for the housing policies, and was pleased at how few issues JW had raised.  She could foresee some arguments but seemed quite confident at the outcome.

At present there are 20 policies in the Plan; this may decrease slightly.

5  Green Spaces

BG distributed the first draft of the work done by herself and SG, based on the original work done by ET.  She said it may be that some of the Spaces eventually come out of the list, but there is evidence to support each Space.  JW was asking for the draft but it might be difficult for her to assess it without knowing Charmouth.  Evans Cliff had not been included because of the covenant on it, but it was agreed that this should be ignored for Green Spaces purposes as it only gives limited protection.  There was some discussion about the reed bed, which is an SSSI, and also whether there is a maximum size for a Green Space.  AB will send the draft to JW for her comments. PO offered to change cited latitude/longitude coordinates to grid references.

6  Basic Conditions Statement

The Group considered the first draft of the Basic Conditions Statement prepared by JW.  AB said that he would like to send a revised version to Nick Cardnell (Dorset Council) in advance of the meeting with him on 7th June. ET said that she would need to discuss JW’s suggested changes to the Natural Environment section before making any alterations, which might be difficult within the time available.

7  Key Issues for meeting with Dorset Council 

AB has questions about the Business policy to encourage new businesses (is this the right approach, are the types of business (A2 and B1) right, should there be a size limit, what about a proposed shop outside the retail hub?).

TS has some questions about housing and possible occupancy restrictions.

The main question is whether there is anything in the draft policies to which the Council would formally object.

There may be some maps that the Council could provide.

8  AOB

It was agreed that we need a workshop with JS to prepare a SWOT analysis.

AB asked everyone to start thinking about the Foreword and Introduction before the next meeting.  AB said he would send a “link” with other NPs.

9  Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be on Monday 24th June at 7pm, venue to be confirmed. (Now confirmed as The Elms)

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 8.35pm.


AB Andrew Bateman; SE Sarah Edwards; CF Chris Lakeman  Fraser; BG Beth Gillan; SG Steve Gillan; SL Simon Leech; TN Teresa Noel; PN Peter Noel CPC; PO Paul Oatway CPC; EP Elaine Phillips; JS Jo Seaman; Tim Sheward; ET Eden Thomson; JW Jo Witherden

(CPC – Charmouth Parish Councillor; NP Neighbourhood Plan)

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