Minutes 30th January 2020


Present:  Andy Bateman (Chair), Sarah Edwards (Secretary), Eden Thomson, Teresa Noel, Tim Sheward

1  Apologies: Simon Leech

2  Minutes of the last meeting

The Chairman reminded members of the requirement under the Terms of Reference to declare any interest in any item on the agenda or in any topic that arises during the meeting.

3  Matters Arising

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed, with two amendments.

ET and SE stated that before the relevant map is amended the Group need to decide the final list of assets and amenities. It was agreed that the pumping station should not be included, and that the footbridge should be included and added to the map.

SE is going to the Dorset History Centre next week, for more information on the Wall.

TS stated that amendments had been made and the proposed policy on properties with “holiday use” conditions has now been discussed and is fully supported by the Parish:

“Applications for new housing, replacement homes and changes of use which result in net additional housing and applications to remove a holiday let restriction will be supported providing the property will be restricted, in perpetuity, by legal agreement to its occupancy as a principal residence; defined as the sole or main residence of the occupier for the majority of their time.  Occupiers will be required to keep verifiable proof that they are meeting this obligation and make it available when requested for inspection by the Local Planning Authority”.

AB said that the updated Basic Conditions statement by JW should be included as evidence, even though it is a draft and not the final version.  Any departure from JW’s recommendations needs to be justified.

Oliver Rendle has advised that HRA is still out for consultation, so alterations should not be made until the final version has been received.

AB said that Dorset Council sent a long list of consultees – over 30.  Bridport had 12 consultees and received just three responses.  Consultation can be done via e-mail.

4  Update from each Author on their chapters

LGS  AB has sent out an update, with some very good maps from NC.  There are 15 suggested Spaces to be considered. Although there is no legal obligation to do so, letters have been written to the owners of the land involved, except those cared for by the PC.

Glossary and Abbreviations  Nearly finished.

Green Audit  Has been revised and is nearly finished.

Housing  Some changes made, including to policy H1. TS will draft Charmouth housing needs assessment.

Getting Around  Some changes have been made, including to policy G2.

Assets and Amenities  Nearly finished, but some changes now required in view of JW’s recommendations.

Heritage and History  Has been updated. It was agreed that the wells in the walls and the tank traps should be retained, but not the small building by Coastguard cottages.  The folly mound is already protected as part of The Court.  Policy HH1 needs to be reviewed.

Natural Environment  ET said that changes are needed to policies NE1, NE3 and NE6 and to the section on instability zones.  DERC have given permission to use their report as an Appendix.

Coastal defences  Still a work in progress

5  Village Improvement Projects

AB has received a letter from Chris Lakeman Fraser resigning from the Group.  AB will be writing to him as this may be the result of a misunderstanding, but in the meantime he will review this section.

6  Document Standards

The updated Standards circulated by ET were discussed and agreed, with some amendments.

7  Maps  Outstanding

Views and Vistas has to be finalised.  AB will ask NC for a “History and Heritage” map.

8  Response Form and IT requirements

The draft village consultation form circulated by AB was discussed and some amendments agreed. CPC will put the form on the website when it is finalised and will set up an email account for responses.  The evidence needed for the consultation stage needs to be reviewed: TS pointed out that the consultation is on the policies, not the evidence.  If the evidence is on the website then anyone who wishes to can view it.

9  Identify Key Priorities and Timescales (Pre-submission Phase)

AB said that the key priority was to finish all the updates and send them to him by 14th February.  He will then put the draft plan together so that the Plan as a whole can be considered with advice from John……… on layout.  It was agreed that it would be useful to continue the meeting in the afternoon to review the Plan page by page.  

10  AOB 

It was agreed that a letter should be delivered to every property abutting the Wall – SE will draft.

Date of Next Meeting

To be arranged. (Later arranged for 18th February, 9.30am, at Melbourne House)

AB Andrew Bateman; SE Sarah Edwards; SL Simon Leech; TN Teresa Noel; PN Peter Noel CPC; PO Paul Oatway CPC; EP Elaine Phillips; JS Jo Seaman; Tim Sheward; ET Eden Thomson.

(CPC – Charmouth Parish Councillor; NP Neighbourhood Plan)

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