November 2015



PRESENT: Graham Bender, Deborah Gildersleeves, James Greenhalgh, Tim Holmes, Peter Noel, Andy Peters, Richard Salisbury, Martin Sayers

County/District Councillor Daryl Turner

District Councillor George Symonds


Apologies were received from David Clifford (away), Paul Oatway (holiday) and Chris Shirley-Smith (away).


The Chairman reminded the Council of the need for individuals to declare an interest on either of the two types of interest as set out below.

  1. In items on the agenda – there were no declarations in items on the agenda.

  2. On gifts greater than £50 in value – there were no declarations.


No members of the public were present.


Daryl Turner updated the Council on issues relating to the County Council:

  • A new consultation on the provision of youth services. This relates to budget cuts and is a consultation on one proposal to move from building based services to staff based services;

  • A cheque for £700 was presented towards the paving at the war memorial – Daryl was thanked for this contribution.


    Daryl Turner also updated the Council on current issues from the District Council:

  • Service reviews – ongoing update.

    Peter Noel asked about whether WDDC had an up to date map included in the new Local Plan. Daryl Turner confirmed that this had been dealt with and Paul Oatway was in receipt of a map now. Daryl undertook to forward a soft copy of the new Local Plan to the Clerk as this would need to be taken into account when formulating the Neighbourhood Plan as well as the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework). Councillors were reminded that neighbourhood plans can’t reduce the amount of houses, only increase them.


No corrections were received and it was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by Richard Salisbury and

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Meeting held on 20 October 2015 be approved as a true record and signed by the Chair.




There were no matters arising from the minutes.

178/15 FORESHORE COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 3 November 2015)

In the absence of Paul Oatway, Andy Peters took the proposals following no questions:

1. It was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by Graham Bender and

RESOLVED that a formal approach be made to the Community Hall Management Committee for permission to use the hall in an emergency and to store some items (eg foil blankets) for the evacuees.

£100 would be included in the 2016/17 budget to cover foil blankets/storage containers etc.

2. Following discussions on the organiser of the Firework/Bonfire events, it was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by Graham Bender and

RESOLVED that as the event planned for 7 November was cancelled due to bad weather, a new date be approved of 28 November.

In addition, the idea of a cordoned off area on the overflow car park was discussed and it was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by Graham Bender and

RESOLVED that Tim Holmes, on behalf of the Fayre Committee, be given permission to construct a compound from Heras fencing to allow Fayre Committee members to leave burnable rubbish for the bonfire prior to the actual day of the event. The Fayre Committee would be entirely responsible for the fencing and the rubbish left there.

Peter Noel declared an interest and did not vote on the proposals.

179/15 PLAYING FIELD AND CEMETERY COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 3 November 2015)

1. The Committee had considered the cemetery charges for 2016/17 and in line with other local authorities, it was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by Martin Sayers and

RESOLVED that all cemetery charges be increased by 5% for 2016/17.

2. Peter Noel reported on the recent break in at the Playing Field Pavilion and Sheds. This occurred on the weekend of 7/8 November and the police finally came to take fingerprints on 16 November. No equipment is thought to have been lost, only the contents of the pavilion electric meter which had been emptied fairly recently. The costs to repair/make good are approximately £150 for materials and 3 days labour.

3. Peter Noel reported that a letter had been received from the Allotment Society confirming their change of officers and that a reply would be sent to the Council’s letter about the rent shortly.

180/15 PLANNING COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 10 November 2015)

The minutes of the meeting had been circulated.

The following applications had been received and commented on:



1. Application No. WD/D/15/002108 – adjoining Parish

Land East of Catherston Leweston

Erect additional cattle shed

Comment received from Wessex water

Noted for info

2. Application No. WD/C/15/001954 – Amended plans

Knapp House, The Street

Erect dwelling house (re-submission)

At the Planning Committee meeting of the 22nd September the committee objected to the proposal to build a new dwelling at the rear of Knapp House, on the grounds of the very narrow access to the site through the archway and the impact of construction traffic.

Mr Robbie Roskill has resubmitted his proposals with more information, in answer to comments and concerns, on 3 new drawings, and 2 new documents, a Design and Access Statement and a Method Statement.

The Planning Committee was attended by parishioners from neighbouring houses to the new plot and raised a further number of considerations.

Relating to the Design and Access Statement comments were:

  1. The Landscaping Scheme must be conditioned and enduring for all future owners

  2. Request for a North / South site selection drawing to show the ground levels

  3. There were concerns over the ancient boundary wall which runs the length of the south aspect as this could be impacted by the constant building traffic over the 6-12 month period of work.

    Relating to the Method Statement comments were:

    Traffic Management

  1. There are major safety concerns regarding the traffic considerations both in the Street, Higher Sea Lane junction with the addition of a fenced compound on the public highway nearby

  2. Already when driving in and out of this junction turning vision is currently partially impaired by the BT junction box, additional blocking of vision would add significant danger when turning in or out of the road.

  3. Add the complication of builders driving in and out of the archway, a short way down Higher Sea Lane, we have further major implications.

  4. In addition to the safety concerns of driving into and out of Higher Sea Lane, there will be any number of builders, and delivery drivers, either parking or dropping off deliveries.

  5. Use of the knapp area adjacent to the site access would, with regard to the comments above, create further major traffic problem.

  6. A further more specific and detailed method statement is definitely required

    Temporary Protective Hoardings

  1. The width of the Archway to be used by the traffic in and out to the site is not wide, and the height is also not high. By erecting temporary hoardings, and plywood protection will further constrain access in and out of the area. 3/9


  1. Consideration needs to be given to the archway and any damage that potentially might be caused by attaching these protective structures.

  2. Consideration must be given to those living above, and alongside, the Archway and the impact on their well-being.

    Working Hours

  1. The suggested working hours 8am till 6pm, should perhaps be 9am till 5pm, to reduce noise and allow existing traffic, going and returning, from work to park.

    The Committee concluded that it would OBJECT to the proposal on the grounds of road safety, with the impact of construction traffic on The Street and Higher Sea Lane, increased by the suggested fenced building compound and the concerns because of the very narrow access to the site through the archway

    3. Peter Noel mentioned the letter from Revd Skinner and stated that it was agreed that the Planning Committee would put forward a date in February for a talk from the Parish Council on the Neighbourhood Plan (Oct mins 168/15 5. Refers). This would be reconsidered at the December Planning Committee.

    181/15 WORKS COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 27 October 2015)

    The minutes of the Works Committee were noted.

    Richard Salisbury confirmed that he had made contact with Robert Vincent and he had given permission for storage in his field car park now. Richard had spoken to the Works Manager. Tim Holmes felt that the moving of the huts should start to become a priority now and Peter Noel would discuss this with the Works Manager.

    182/15 FINANCE COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 9 November 2015)

  1. Following circulation of the payments for approval for November approved by the Finance Committee, it was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by Graham Bender and

RESOLVED that the payments for November be noted together with the additions which were approved for payment.







Bridport Building Services


Allfix Ltd


Biokil Crown


Travis Perkins


JRB Enterprise Ltd


J W Plant (The Flag Co)




Winchester Garden Machinery


Fowler Hire and Sales Ltd


Greig & Allen (Bridport) Ltd


Mole Avon Trading Ltd


Lyreco UK Ltd


RBL Poppy Appeal


Creative Solutions


Prospect Garage


Weller Scaffolding




Evans Plant Hire




Doodle Computers


Kitson and Trotman


Wholesale LED Lights



  1. Following circulation of the report of Accounts for October and the Clerk’s Report it was proposed by Richard Salisbury, seconded by Jim Greenhalgh and

    RESOLVED that the Report of Accounts for October and the Clerk’s Report for November be accepted and approved.

    £ £ £

    Current Ac Deposit Ac

    Cash Book Balance at 30 September 2015 62397.23 100597.39


    Foreshore – Rents/Beach Huts/Car Park/Boats 9145.60

    Elms Rent 2596.28

    Cemetery fees 300.00

    Interest __ 26.46



    Accounts approved in Oct (inc PAYE) 5026.75

    Dog bins 572.40

    Commonwealth Flag 27.96

    Blower/Vac 336.99

    WDDC car park machine rental 1076.40

    Petty Cash 80.56

    Direct Debits and Wages 10336.08

    17457.14 5/9


Cash Book Balance at 31 October 2015 56981.97 100623.85

Represented by:

Bank Santander 56981.97

Working 11803.46

Contingency 421.04

Earmarked Reserve 88399.35 _________

Business Deposit Account 100623.85

Nat West Account 1000.00

Nat West Savers Account 2405.41

  1. Following circulation of the monthly spreadsheets for October 2015, it was proposed by Graham Bender, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the October 2015 spreadsheet accounts be accepted and approved.

4. Following careful consideration by the Committee it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Martin Sayers and

RESOLVED that the hire charges for the Mallory Hayter Room remain as at present for 2016/17.

5. Four letters had been received for the Local Youth Charity Fund which stands at £898.36. All groups had, as requested, provided copies of their accounts or given an indication of the financial position. It was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by Jim Greenhalgh and

RESOLVED that the following donations be made:

1st Charmouth Scout Group (any help towards lights, flooring and windows amounting to £1155.88) £150

1st Charmouth Brownies (£100 requested towards funding general resources and help towards annual pantomime trip – coach costs of £220) £150

1st Charmouth Guides (£250 requested towards sleepover/camping event) £150

Bopper Bus Organisation (Annual donation requested) £150

Life Education Wessex (donation requested towards work at Charmouth

Primary School on drug awareness) £100

A total of £700, which leaves £198.36 in the fund.

A further letter had been received for the Non-Youth Group Fund which stands at £200. Again, financial position was set out and based on this information, it proposed by Richard Salisbury, seconded by Graham Bender and

RESOLVED that the following donation be made:

Charmouth Village People (donation towards ongoing access to the

Internet activities) £100

A total of £100, which leaves £100 in the fund.



6. Following the raising of the need for an Action Plan for Disasters/Emergencies by both Jim Greenhalgh and Tim Holmes, Peter Noel had spoken with Paul Oatway who had confirmed that a resilience plan had been started. Once more information had been received this would be passed to Jim Greenhalgh and Tim Holmes. Details of a Dorset Local Resilience Forum Conference in Bournemouth on 27 November had been received via the DAPTC with free places being offered for member Councils. Tim Holmes and Deborah Gildersleeves expressed an interest in attending and this would be passed to them for confirmation and booking.

7. Peter Noel highlighted the need to look at Christmas cover at the Foreshore and reported that this would be added to the Foreshore Committee Agenda for December.

8. Peter Noel pointed out that a special budget meeting would be held next Tuesday 24 November at 6.30pm in the Library prior to the Works Committee at 7.30pm.

183/15 E-EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (6 November 2015)

The minutes of the meeting which referred to foreshore drain clearance were noted.


Peter Noel reported that he was in discussions with Adrian Ragbourne of Lyme Forward regarding money available for a big project in the Lyme Regis area. He would keep the Council updated.


In accordance with Standing Order 7(a) relating to item 158/15 (2) of the meeting held on 20 October 2015, an amendment to the motion had been received in writing by Cllrs Oatway and Clifford which had been circulated to all Councillors with the Agenda.

It is therefore now proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by Graham Bender and

RESOLVED that the Council amend the resolution agreed at the October meeting of the Council (Foreshore Committee Report Item 2) which currently reads: ‘RESOLVED that a letter be sent to boat owners asking them if they are using any mechanical means to tow boats up the beach to provide a risk assessment to the Council’, to ‘ This Council wishes to ensure that risk assessments are conducted should any boat owners be using mechanical means to tow or haul boats up the beach. The Council recognises that many boat owners won’t have the expertise to conduct risk assessments and the Council wishes to work with them to ensure that the risk assessments are completed. Until the risk assessments are completed boat owners are reminded that they are responsible for the safe operations of any towing arrangements. The risk assessments are to be completed by 31 March 2016. No boats after 31 March may be towed or hauled over any part of the foreshore without the Parish Clerk being in receipt of the risk assessment documentation.’


  1. Jim Greenhalgh circulated a copy of the minutes of the Community Hall Management Committee which he had attended as a representative of the Council.

  2. Martin Sayers reported that he would be attending the BLAP meeting on 26 November.




1. A request has been received from Charmouth Local History Society (Richard Dunn, Secretary) to use the digital version of the map from the Charmouth Guide (of which CPC holds the copyright) as the basis for a Local History Project on the growth of Charmouth from 1841 to the present day. This was agreed by the Council, however copyright of Charmouth Parish Council remains.

2. Copies of correspondence has been received between Hanover Housing and DCC (Daryl Turner) about revisiting the improvement of the path between the Elms and the Library linking St Andrews Drive and The Street. It has been confirmed by the Clerk that the work on the Elms will be completed by the end of the month and the path around the Elms will be open again in December as this has probably re-highlighted the problem.

3. Minutes of the DAPTC Western Area Meeting have been received at the office and by the reps, Paul Oatway and Peter Noel.

4. Final details of the DAPTC AGM held on Sat 7 November were received.

5. DAPTC Annual report has been received and is available to read (hard copies received).

6. DAPTC Autumn 2015 magazine is now available to review.

7. The official road closure notice for the Remembrance Day parade was received.

8. Invitation and papers for the next BLAP Steering Group to be held on 26 November have been received and forwarded to Martin Sayers.

9. DCA E-Bulletin has been received via BLAP and forwarded to Martin Sayers.

10. DCF E-News for November has been received and is available to read.

11. October 2015 E-News has been received from DCC regarding Highway Matters and is available to read.

12. Notice has been received regarding the launch of the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan Working Groups. This was passed to the Planning Committee.

13. Information has been received regarding the requirement to elect 3 directly elected members for the NALC Smaller Councils Committee. This was forwarded to all Councillors.

14. Notice has been received confirming that West Dorset and Weymouth and Portland Councils have adopted their joint Local Plan 2011-2031. Links are available via Dorset For You to view this.

15. CPRE The Dorset Review magazine has been received and is available to read.


1. Tim Holmes asked about the handrails to be installed along the prom at the top of the deflection steps and was concerned that work isn’t in progress over the Christmas and New Year period. This will be passed on to WDDC.

2. Jim Greenhalgh reported that he has been asked to give a small talk to a Women’s Group in Charmouth in February on the Parish Council.

It was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that the Council go “in Committee”.



The meeting closed at 8.45pm.

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