October 2015



PRESENT: Graham Bender, David Clifford, Deborah Gildersleeves, James Greenhalgh, Tim Holmes, Peter Noel, Paul Oatway, Andy Peters, Richard Salisbury, Chris Shirley-Smith

County/District Councillor Daryl Turner

District Councillor George Symonds


Apologies were received from Martin Sayers (away); George Symonds (arrived late).


The Chairman reminded the Council of the need for individuals to declare an interest on either of the two types of interest as set out below.

  1. In items on the agenda – there were no declarations in items on the agenda.

  2. On gifts greater than £50 in value – there were no declarations.


  1. Mr J Forsey raised the following issues:

    (a) The recent advert for another building operative – why this was required. The Chair confirmed that this position hasn’t been filled and was being reviewed.

    (b) Neighbourhood Plan – where the Council see extra housing being built as they must have an idea. In his opinion, with only three main landowners within the Parish, space is very limited. Paul Oatway explained that if a neighbourhood plan progresses, what type and where housing will go will be decided by consulting the village and relevant landowners. Ultimately this plan would be to give the village a say on development for the future rather than the bureaucrats at the District Council. A referendum is required by the community to agree the final plan. Mr Forsey feels that the village won’t bother and Paul Oatway stated that this is his opportunity to get involved with something that is advisable under localism and is funded mainly by grant funding from Central Government.


    Daryl Turner updated the Council on issues relating to the County Council:

  1. Unitary proposal from the east of the County for a super Council counteracted by DCC’s proposal for a County wide option. Under this system, District Councils will disappear;

  2. Buses being available for local community use, between school pick ups in the morning and afternoon;

  3. £700 available to fund a project within the Parish. This can’t be something that the County Council has previously refused to fund and ideas are required within the next month;

  4. The tri-authority senior management team;

  5. Universal Credit.

  6. Graham Bender asked about the footpath from Wesley Close to Riverway and who is responsible for cutting back which parts of the bottom and sides of the path! Paul Oatway requested that Daryl arrange for someone to come and look at the path and advise who should be contacted to cut it back.

    George Symonds joined the meeting and apologised for being late. 1/8



Daryl Turner also updated the Council on current issues from the District Council:

  1. Service reviews – ongoing update;

  2. Development Control continued delays in processing;

  3. Bridport Car Boot Fund donation for 1st Charmouth Scouts – certificate to pass on.


No corrections were received and it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Meeting held on 15 September 2015 be approved as a true record and signed by the Chair.


There were no matters arising from the minutes.

158/15 FORESHORE COMMITTEE (Meetings held on 6 October 2015)

1. Following a discussion by the Committee which concluded that the Council never agreed to a car park concession for recipients of the “High Mobility” allowance, it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that the signage be amended so that there is no reference to the ‘High Mobility Allowance’. Minimal expenditure to be within the Clerk’s delegated authority.

2. It had come to the Committees attention that some boat owners are dragging boats up the beach with a rope, using one of the posts with a pulley. This raises safety issues and it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that a letter be sent to boat owners asking them if they are using any mechanical means to tow boats up the beach to provide a risk assessment to the Council.

3. Following a written request from Wildwood Escot to use the beach and Evans Cliff in 2016, it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the Council has no objection in principle to their proposals which would be an educational trip, as long as the fossil hunting activity is co-ordinated with the CHCC and they abide by the Fossil Code. The Council could not agree to the proposal to set up tents on the grassed area of Evans Cliff because of the restrictive covenant.

4. Following recent discussions regarding Tai Chi on the beach, it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Peter Noel and

RESOLVED that the Council supports the application from Pamela Ladd to use the Foreshore (except the grassed area of Evans Cliff) on the mornings of the two equinox days each year and the summer and winter solstice as well as evenings of the Tuesdays in August. The applicant is recommended to consult the tide tables to ensure that the high tides don’t occur when the Tai Chi sessions are planned.

5. An application had been received from Charmouth Traders to use the foreshore on Saturday 7 November and Thursday 31 December 2015 to hold firework displays. Peter Noel declared an interest as a member of the Traders Association. It was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Jim Greenhalgh and 2/8


RESOLVED that the Traders be given permission to use the Foreshore to hold fireworks on 7 November and 31 December 2015 subject to them submitting a completed risk assessment for each of the proposed events and produce a copy of their public liability insurance certificate.

159/15 PLAYING FIELD AND CEMETERY COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 6 October 2015)

1. Following circulation of the current Child Protection Policy, Paul Oatway commented that he didn’t feel this document was fit for purpose as the Act mentioned is not the correct one. He would pass all relevant information to Andy Peters and David Clifford who would re-write the policy for adoption at a subsequent meeting.

2. Paul Oatway felt that the suggestion of the Committee to advise young mums to write to the Clerk if they have concerns about the car and caravan at the playing field is not appropriate as, as previously reported, the Council has no jurisdiction over this and the land owner has already discussed the problem with the police who are not prepared to take any action as the vehicle is road legal. The Clerk reported that she had not received any correspondence about this as yet.

3. Chris Shirley-Smith mentioned the provision of an outdoor table tennis table and Andy Peters confirmed that this is included in the wish list of future projects.

160/15 PLANNING COMMITTEE (Meetings held on 22 September and 13 October 2015)

The minutes of both meetings had been circulated and Peter Noel declared an interest in the meeting held on 13 October.

The following applications had been received and commented on:

  1. Application No. WD/D/15/001909

Springacre, Westcliff Road

Addition of side and rear extension. Enlargement of dormers to east elevation. Alterations to external finishes. Alteration to roof covering

No Objection

  1. Application No. WD/D/15/001954

Knapp House, The Street

Erect dwelling house (re-submission)

Objection – on the grounds of the very narrow access to the site through the archway and the impact of construction traffic on The Street

  1. Application No. WD/D/15/002002

Follies, Five Acres

Proposed extension to replace existing UPVC conservatory/utility

No Objection

  1. Application No. WD/D/15/001968

Charmouth House, The Street

Replacement French window and sidelights

No Objection

  1. Application No. WD/D/15/001999

Charmouth House, The Street

Demolition of unsafe section of wall and rebuilding with original materials to match existing appearance

No Objection 3/8


6. Following a meeting of the Committee with Wessex Community Land Trust regarding affordable housing, the minutes of this meeting had been circulated and it was agreed to wait until the New Year to pursue this further.

7. With regard to neighbourhood planning, it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Jim Greenhalgh and

RESOLVED that a Steering Committee be established as a Sub Committee of the Planning Committee to look further into the production of a Neighbourhood Plan for Charmouth. It is proposed to hold the first meeting on Monday 2 November at the Community Hall Club Room. A budget of £2000 will be included in the 16/17 budgets.

George Symonds commented that this steering committee doesn’t have to be part of the Planning Committee but Paul Oatway stated that they had learned from Fred Horsington of Cerne Abbas that any committee needed to be accountable to the Council regarding the control of finances amongst other things.

161/15 WORKS COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 29 September 2015)

David Clifford reported that at the last Works Committee every single job was looked at and reprioritised to only achieve a priority section of work. However, due to another period of long term sick leave, this schedule has now, once again, been disrupted and there are still a number of jobs outstanding.

With regard to the use of protective equipment, checks are made regularly to ensure that guidelines are being followed.

The next Works Committee will re-assess all work again.

162/15 TOURISM COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 13 October 2015)

No quorum was present but the following issues were discussed:

1. The re-print of the Charmouth Guide is being looked at by Andy Peters and David Clifford with a view to bringing costs to the next Tourism Committee in January.

2. Following comments made to Martin Sayers, a quote has been received from Fitzpatrick Woolmer to replace the “Village hall” finger sign with a small “h” instead of the big “H” which is not consistent with other finger signs. The cost amounts to £229.50 plus VAT and it was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED unanimously that this expenditure would be extravagant at the present time.

3. David Clifford has the brown sign file to read about the history of this issue. A funding package would then be looked at by the Tourism Committee should this be appropriate.

4. Andy Peters is to co-ordinate liaison regarding the parking at the bottom of the village opposite the Bridge Road junction.

163/15 FINANCE COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 13 October 2015)

  1. Following circulation of the payments for approval for October approved by the Finance Committee, it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Andy Peters and



RESOLVED that the payments for October be noted together with the addition which was approved for payment.





A J Supplies




Axe Skip Hire Ltd


Francis Bugler Ltd


Greig and Allen Ltd


Jerry Ellis


Bridport Building Services




C B Potts


Commercial & Ind First Aid


Mark Wickenden


St Andrews Comm Hall




Travis Perkins


D, D & S Series Newspapers


Keto Plastics




Lyreco UK Ltd


Evans Plant Hire


Beaminster Flowers



  1. Following circulation of the report of Accounts for September it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Andy Peters and

    RESOLVED that the Report of Accounts for September be accepted and approved.

    £ £ £

    Current Ac Deposit Ac

    Cash Book Balance at 31 August 2015 38562.80 100570.05


    Precept/Grant 25872.50

    Foreshore – Rents/Beach Huts/Car Park/Boats 10955.50

    Elms Mallory Hayter Room/EDF Refunds 195.25

    WDDC Grants (gym equipment) 1877.89

    Interest __ 27.34



    Accounts approved in Sept (inc PAYE) 5068.80

    Axe Valley Ring and Ride 139.08

    Screwfix 39.97

    Direct Debits and Wages 9818.86


    Cash Book Balance at 30 September 2015 62397.23 100597.39



Represented by:

Bank Santander 62397.23

Working 11777.00

Contingency 421.04

Earmarked Reserve 88399.35 _________

Business Deposit Account 100597.39

Nat West Account 1000.00

Nat West Savers Account 2405.41

  1. Following circulation of the monthly spreadsheets for September 2015, it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the September 2015 spreadsheet accounts be accepted and approved.

4. In conjunction with the agreement to purchase and fly the Commonwealth Flag at the Elms on Commonwealth Day on 14 March 2016, it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that a list of dates be obtained to enable the flying of the Union Flag as well as the Commonwealth Flag for all designated days in the future.

5. The current equal opportunities statement had been updated in line with legislation by Paul Oatway and circulated to all Councillors with the Finance minutes. It was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Andy Peters and

RESOLVED that the new format Equal Opportunities Policy be adopted by the Council for the next four years.

6. Subject to official change of definition in the Standing Orders when these are amended in early 2016, it was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that Street Management (dog bins, bus shelters, planters) be added to the responsibilities of the Playing Field and Cemetery Committee.

7. A report from the Clerk had been circulated to all Councillors with the Finance minutes regarding changes required to the running of the Parish Office for the future. It was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that the proposals as set out in the report (attached) be adopted from April 2016 and included in the 2016/17 budget, with the HR Committee looking at the best way of recruitment soon to allow a smooth transition. It is recognised that some additional costs may be required towards the end of this financial year and these will be made up from current salaries contingencies.

8. Martin Sayers is to undertake quarterly checks as set out in the Financial Regulations.

164/15 E-EXECUTIVE COMMITTEES (1 and 2 October 2015)

The minutes of the meetings which referred to an urgent filming request and the Mallory Hayter Room refurbishment were noted.




This had arisen from Chris Shirley-Smith’s request to come off the Tourism Committee and go onto the Foreshore Committee. The Chair agreed that there was room for Chris to sit on the Foreshore Committee but requested that he remain on the Tourism Committee as well. This Committee is particularly under staffed and Deborah Gildersleeves agreed to sit on Tourism too. Andy Peters made the point that many Councillors have to sit on 5 or 6 Committees to spread the work load. The Chair of the Tourism Committee would be appointed at the next meeting to be held in January.


This report had been circulated by e-mail in September and Councillors were asked for their comments to enable a response to be sent to DAPTC. The Chair stated that his only comment would be that Parishes are quite different to Towns who have the staff to cope with extra work cascaded down from DCC. Councillors should consider the report and send any comments to Peter Noel by the end of the month for him to co-ordinate a response.


  1. Jim Greenhalgh circulated a copy of the minutes of the Community Hall Management Committee which he had attended as a representative of the Council.

  2. Richard Salisbury updated the Council following his recent attendance at the Lyme Regis Development Group and offered to circulate the minutes of anyone who wished to see them. The next meeting is on 10 December.

  3. Richard Salisbury reported verbally following the CHCC Trustees meeting and Paul Oatway would be making a written report for the next meeting.


1. A thank you letter has been received from Peter Bide for the replacement seat in the new cemetery.

2. Following a complaint from a Parishioner, a request was sent to WDDC to attend to the trees in St Andrews Car Park – this has since been done.

3. Following a request from Tim Holmes, the cutting back of the overhanging trees/bushes at the Old School House were chased up with the housing association. These have now been attended to.

4. Following a query from Tim Holmes about yellow lines being required opposite Bridge Road turning, DCC were asked when another review of off street parking is likely to take place. The response is that there aren’t any plans for a review in the foreseeable future but if the Parish Council (not just one Councillor for the Parish Council as a whole) have any requests, they can be added to the list. Andy Peters as highway rep is co-ordinating this request through the Tourism Committee.

5. A letter has been received from Rev Stephen Skinner regarding Sunday afternoon events entitled “Celebrate Charmouth”. They are inviting member of the Council to come and talk or be interviewed about the Council’s Plans for 2016 and beyond, and in particular developments on the Neighbourhood Plan. They could offer most Sunday afternoons in January or February. It was felt that this shouldn’t cover all topics as it would cut across the Annual Parish Meeting to be held in March. It was agreed that a specific topic of the Neighbourhood Plan should be discussed and this would be added to the next Planning Committee agenda to discuss further.

6. Details have been received from the Local Government Boundary Commission for England with the Final Recommendations of the recent review. These are available to view on line.

7. Details were received from Daryl Turner about the latest position with regards Coastal Communities Teams and Coastal Revival Fund applications across the shared services partnership area. 7/8


8. Dorset Waste Partnership’s “Guide for Councillors” has been received and circulated to all Councillors.

9. Details were received via BLAP about Dr Forbes Watson (local GP and Chair of NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group) speaking about the Clinical Services Review on Monday 21 September at 7.30pm at Woodmead Halls, Lyme Regis. A question and answer session will follow Dr Watson’s presentation.

10. Details of the 6 monthly survey from Dorset Police was received via BLAP and circulated to all Councillors.

11. The Agenda and minutes for the WATAG General Meeting held on 24 September were received and passed to Paul Oatway.

12. Details of grit bin filling together with salt bag application forms have once again been received from DCC and as previously, community bins will be charged after the first fill of the season.

13. Minutes of the Lyme Forward meeting held on 17 September were received and forwarded to Richard Salisbury.

14. Details were received via BLAP of WDDC Service Review Consultation which was launched on 17 September. This was forwarded to Martin Sayers.

15. Details of Bridport Area Development Trust 2015 AGM were received and forwarded to Martin Sayers. Also a notice that they are looking for a Treasurer, this was also forwarded to Martin Sayers.

16. Dorset Community Action E-Bulletin for September 2015 was received via BLAP and forwarded to Martin Sayers.

17. Defra Access Newsletter Edition 70 has been received and is available to read.

18. Details of the DAPTC AGM (and motions) to be held on 7 November have been received and forwarded to all Councillors.

19. DCF Enews for October has been received and forwarded to the Foreshore Committee.


There were no items for exchange of information.

It was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by David Clifford and

RESOLVED that the Council go “in Committee”.


The meeting closed at 9.05pm. 8/8


1. Introduction

This report highlights the issues of the changing Parish Council’s role and how this affects the office and its staff.

2. Existing situation

The current office staff consists of the Clerk to the Council, contracted to work 25 hours per week, and the Office Assistant contracted to work 12 hours per week. The office is officially open to the public between 9am and 10.30am Mon-Fri. Increasingly over the last couple of years particularly, but evolving over a longer period, the office has become less efficient and effective, due to the amount of time spent dealing with queries in person, by phone and by e-mail throughout the whole morning (even with the door locked, people press the buzzer and expect to be dealt with). The procedural work, which has increased generally and with the addition of extra Committees, needs time and concentration and this is not possible in a constantly interrupted environment. The Clerk is undertaking more and more procedural work in extra hours. Over the last year, in excess of 150 overtime hours have been paid to the Clerk. The Office Assistant’s time is completely filled with money counting, beach hut and boat renewals, wages and trying to get SAGE up and running (although the latter, along with filing reorganisation, are not progressing very fast at present due to time constraints and workload). The environment has become very stressful and this is being felt by both members of staff.

3. Suggested solution

To safeguard the health of the current staff, significant changes need to take place to ensure the efficient and effective running of the Parish Council into the future. Parish Councils are only going to grow and have more responsibilities thrust upon them it seems. Coupled with this, the Clerk would like to reduce her hours. A suggestion is to introduce a third member of staff as Deputy Clerk for 15-20 hours per week with the Clerk’s hours reducing to 12-15 per week and retaining the Office Assistant role as currently. The Deputy Clerk role would include training to obtain the CILCA qualification; enable a second person to understand the complete running of the Council and office; share meeting duties and enable the smooth running of Committees. Time also needs to be allowed to read and digest information which certainly isn’t able to happen currently. It is becoming apparent too that the Clerk’s role is more and more a trouble shooting role which is preventing the production of the everyday admin from getting done. Hours could be discussed to ensure that current desk space is maximised and ultimately, although not initially, with the Clerk working on three days of the week only. It is anticipated that the first 6-12 months would be mainly training as there are so many facets to the smooth running of the office on an annual cycle basis.

4. Benefits to the Council

The benefits to the Council include:

  • A more efficient running of the Council and it’s Parish office into the future;

  • Increased man hours worked for very similar costs as currently;

  • Improved welfare for currently “run ragged” staff;

  • Benefits associated with a member of staff holding the CILCA qualification;

  • No or very little overtime payments eventually;

  • On the job training to ensure that the huge variety of procedural tasks are understood by a second person.

5. Financial Implications

Current annual financial situation £33500.00

Proposed annual financial situation

(based on 2015/16 scales): £36300.00

The salary for the Deputy Clerk is based on 20 hours per week, NJC Pay Scale LC2 (same as the Clerk as ultimately the tasks undertaken will be the same) but starting at the lowest band of points from 26-29. An overtime contingency of £1000 is also included together with £500 of capital expenditure to upgrade the office if necessary.

6. Conclusion

The Committee propose adoption of the above revised structure for inclusion in the 2016/17 budgets, and implementation from April 2016.

September 2015

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